Managing Competitive Events

This page is designed to help chartered associations manage competitive events at the regional/area and state/country level. The goal is to provide information, forms, files, and processes that are used at the International level in hopes they are duplicatable by states.  Most files are included in Word, so they may be easily edited as needed. For questions, please contact us.

Components of the CE Management Team:

Lieutenant and Chair Checklists:


Conference Planning:


Event Personnel Job Descriptions:

ILC Orientations:

Making it Happen On-Site:

Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!


Round Two Info Sheets

  • These are file posted online at ILC for competitors who advance to round two. They give important details about the round two event and what competitors can expect. 
  • Round Two Info Sheet - Process Review
  • Sample Clinical Nursing in Word and PDF
  • Sample Veterinary Science in Word and PDF 
  • Files for all events, so you can edit, available upon request

Event Timing

Timekeeper Logs

  • These are files that the timekeeper completes in each section as each competitor/team competes. They give us valuable information about how long each competitor takes and the topics that are being used. They are vital at the international level to help ensure the time allowed in our events is adequate, but may also be useful at the state level to gather similar data. 
  • Timekeeper Logs - Process Review
  • Sample Public Health
  • Sample Personal Care
  • Sample Community Awareness
  • Files for all events, so you can edit, available upon request

Event Flowcharts


Judge Fact Sheets

  • These are "cliffnotes" versions of the guidelines that can be given to judges to help orient them to their role in judging
  • Sample Medical Spelling in Word and PDF
  • Sample Biomedical Lab Science in Word and PDF
  • Files for all events, so you can edit, available upon request 


Scoring and Tabulations:




Tips for State Advisors - Planning for the State's CE role at ILC:

CE Management Guide Acknowledgements