2019 SAM Resources

Conference Presentations

Monday September 23, 2019

P2P High School Safety Program
Tony Sgro, Chief Executive Officer, EdVenture Partners

CATCH My Breath: Youth e-Cigarette Prevention Program
Devin T. Mathias, Chief Development Officer    

Tuesday September 24, 2019

Leading Towards Tomorrow
HOSA Executive Council

2019-2020 Competitive Events Update
Bergen Morehouse, Competitive Events Director and Jan Mould, Assistant Competitive Events Director

You Are Never Too Young To Save A Life
Leadership Initiatives - Youth Development Program
Marshall Bailey, Executive Director; Lauren Hensel, Assistant Programs Director; Nicole Campos-Vasquez, Medical Program Development Intern; Rashyia Howell and Amelia Kitlinski, Internship Focus-Medical Program Development

Wednesday September 25, 2019

Training Advisors at the Local Level
Peg Enslen, RN, Ed.D., TALL Program Director

HOSA Standards of Excellence Award and Program Criteria
Jane Shovlin, Chair, Task Force; Jim Koeninger, Ph.D., Executive Director

HOSA-Future Health Professionals 2020 Vision
Jim Koeninger, Ph.D., Executive Director

Academic Testing Center & More from National Geographic Learning
Andrea Kingman, Executive Product Marketing Manager

Thursday September 26, 2019

How Can We Help You! Awards Unlimited
Tim Moravec, Senior Account Executive; Theresa Schleiger, Senior Account Sales Manager

Perkins Legislation Update
Kate Blosveren Kreamer, Deputy Executive Director, Advance CTE

Got You Covered! Or Do You?
Amanda Ruboyianes, President
Education and Non-Profit Insurance Company of America, LLC (ENPICA)

Roundtable Information

Roundtable Summary Document

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids: Taking Down Tobacco

Budget Worksheet

State HOSA 100 Roundtable Discussion