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HOSA is pleased to provide access to the official HOSA-Future Health Professionals brand. The style guide should be referred to when using the HOSA brand. Links to download the fonts to be used with the new brand are included below as well. 

HOSA Future Health Professionals Brand Style Guide

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Below you will find the HOSA: Future Health Professionals Brand in multiple formats



2020-2021 HOSA-Future Health Professionals Theme: "Unlock Your Potential!”

The mind is powerful enough to create the ability to do anything. What sets leaders apart from people is how the power of the mind is applied.

Tightly secured behind our own metaphorical vault doors lies the capabilty to succeed indefinitely. We’ve handcrafted an identity for 2021’s theme to shed light on what hides within the gifted members of HOSA. 

In this design, typography extends outward into an ocean representing the vast human experience. The bright lights illuminate the possibilities that lie behind what closes us off from our achievements — what limits our capacity for success. 

With your mind as the key, and your work ethic as the force that makes it turn, push past your barriers and UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!