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E-Magazine Suggestions for Use

Providing the HOSA Magazine in electronic format provides chapter advisors and HOSA members with many options and opportunities for its use.

Printing Classroom Copies – Most school media centers have a color printer that can be used to print one or more sets of HOSA Magazine. Chapter advisors select the pages they wish to share with their HOSA members and make as many copies as are needed.

Another option is to print one copy of the magazine and place it in a portfolio inside page protectors. This provides for a classroom resource that will last for years.

Creating a HOSA News Board – HOSA E-Magazine pages can be printed and used to make a classroom bulletin board. Another option would be to print and post selected pages on a bulletin board outside the Health Occupations/Health Science classroom. This is a great way to promote HOE and HOSA!

Sending Electronic Copies – Pages from the E-magazine can be saved to a local hard drive and then sent via e-mail as an attachment. This is especially useful when sharing HOSA news and information with local school administrators and healthcare partners. The HOSA member can select desired pages and send them anywhere in the world.

Framing Special Pages – Is your chapter highlighted in local chapter news? Is your picture on one of the pages? Print out that page on photo paper and put it in a frame as a lasting reminder of your achievements.

Links – You can link to the HOSA magazine from your chapter or school web site! That way, parents and future students can see all the exciting things that are happening in HOSA.

HOSA is excited about the potential that the HOSA E-Magazine offers.
Updates will be made frequently, and chapter articles and suggestions are encouraged.

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