HOSA E-magazine Spring 2015 - page 10

Check out Nevada HOSA in action at the 2015 ICANBE Event at Basic High School, in historic
Henderson, Nevada! The Nevada HOSA newly elected State Postsecondary/Collegiate
Vice President, Andres Caja Jr., the newly elected State President, Katherine Chu, and the
immediate past State President, Rosalia Salazar, had the HOSATastic opportunity to promote
HOSA-Future Health Professionals to the class of 2019 and also express the lack of medical
professionals in Nevada along with the huge demand that comes with it.
Rosalia Salazar, Immediate Past State President
“HOSA is such a unique organization. It really is a privilege to be affiliated with it! It was
great talking to the school staff and administration and emphasizing that HOSA is co-
curricular and actually enhances the learning in the classroom. Its alignments with the
curriculum match up perfectly, and really helps students thrive and strive for excellence. I
cannot wait to begin my career in the classroom and become a HOSA advisor.”
Rosalia Salazar, Immediate Past State President
“We collected contact information from the students
who were genuinely interested about joining our
organization, and needless to say, we received several
sheets of paper filled with contact information! Not
to mention, we even found someone who is willing to
become the HOSA advisor. Phenomenal!”
– Andres Caja Jr., State Post-Secondary/Collegiate
Vice President
Many of the students these dynamic leaders spoke to were aspiring
to enter the fields of Veterinary Science, Public Service, Health
Sciences/professions, and Mental Health Services! It was indeed
refreshing to see so many high school freshmen aiming high and
already preparing for their future.
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