HOSA E-magazine Spring 2015 - page 12

“Can I take a picture of you two?” A camera
snapped the shot of me talking to one of her
fellow HOSA members. Little did I know that the
person on the other side of the camera would
become a close friend a couple of months later.
I was at the NC HOSA District III Conference for
secondary students, and I was an exhibitor at
a booth for the VetPAC (Veterinary Professions
Advising Center) program at NC State
University. When secondary HOSA members
came to my booth, I would tell them about
pre-veterinary opportunities. After the photo
was taken, I continued to talk to other HOSA
members and briefly met with my high school’s
HOSA advisor before the conference ended.
That coming March, I ran for the NC HOSA
Postsecondary/Collegiate President position,
and after election, I met my other NC HOSA
Executive Council teammates. This officer
team connected well after our first meeting, but
we especially bonded at that summer’s HOSA
National Leadership Conference. Quickly after
meeting my teammates, I learned that the
elected NC HOSA District III Representative,
Katie Lee, lived about five to ten minutes down
the main road from me. It was not until later
that I mentioned to her about my attendance
at the NC HOSA District III Conference. At
first, she did not believe me because she had
visited every booth exhibited at the conference.
I told her that I was indeed there at the VetPAC
booth. Later in the year, she found the photo
that she had taken of me and her classmate.
“I told you that I was there!” We had “met” the
previous year without realizing it!
Erin Beasley (left) and Katie Lee
(right) at the 2014 NLC
The Ever-Weaving
HOSA Tapestry
By Erin Beasley
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