HOSA E-magazine Spring 2015 - page 13

Throughout the year as state officers together, we had the fortune to connect with HOSA
members throughout NC and the US. We found that HOSA members can discover a range
of similarities despite age difference, culture differences, background, and other unique
characteristics. The diversity among HOSA members allows potential for growth. Each
HOSA member is like a single thread woven together to make an interconnected, unified
tapestry. The overall connection is our passion for healthcare and for HOSA. We can unite
with our varied talents and collaborate to reach a common goal--improving healthcare.
Katie and I have found more similarities throughout our friendship than just where we live
and our attendance at the NC HOSA District III Conference. For instance, we both are
fascinated by neurology and love our dogs, but we both are determined to make a positive
impact on medicine, and HOSA has helped us reach closer to that goal. We are currently
in our university’s respective HOSA chapters and continue to keep in touch after our state
officer term, even though our universities can be rivals!
I have valued the friendships created through HOSA, and I look forward to continue making
new friendships at the various HOSA conferences, service events, and meetings. Who knew
that our friendship would begin with a simple photo? Embrace the opportunities to meet new
people because you never know--perhaps the next time you ask for a pencil will begin a
lasting friendship!
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