HOSA E-magazine Spring 2015 - page 19

R. Dan Nolan Middle School HOSA Co-Advisors Michelle Boculac
and Pam Rahn are very driven and competitive health educators.
For the past 6 years, they have worked to create life- long
experiences for their HOSA students. Each year they develop
and prepare middle school students through their HOSA program
for medical careers. Last spring, they decided that more students
needed to have opportunities at Nolan. They proposed a Pre-
Medical Program to their new Principal, Scot Boice. After months of
planning, they will begin classes for 6th, 7th and 8th grade in their
new Pre-Medical Program during the 2015-2016 school year.
Pam is a native Floridian from Bradenton and is fortunate to have
many contacts in the community. She also has a mental health,
forensic background and has worked in education for 22 years.
Michelle worked with the Department of Children and Families
as a trainer for 17 years before becoming a Health educator.
Both Michelle and Pam are members of their district Health and
Agriculture Advisory Board. They continuously meet with local
agencies to provide opportunities for their HOSA students.
Nolan’s HOSA students have worked this year to raise money for
the HOSA national service project including matching funds from
a local organization, worked with the Bradenton Woman’s Club
for “Hope for Homeless” in Manatee County benefiting homeless
students, worked with “Harmonics for Haiti” which provided musical
recorders to children in Haiti, contributed to the Payton Wright
Foundation benefiting families of brain cancer patients, and held a
celebration with intellectually challenged students at Nolan. They
are also planning a trip to a Veteran’s Hospital in addition to inviting
more guest speakers including a psychiatrist, neurologist, and
general practitioner. HOSA students have worked hard to achieve
success during regional competition and are preparing for the
Florida HOSA 2015 State Leadership Conference.
R. Dan Nolan
School HOSA
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