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Students across the nation have heard a teacher, advisor,

principal or maybe even their parent tell them “find

something to get involved in over the course of your high

school career.” HOSA-Future Health Professionals was

what I decided to dive head first into my ninth grade year

and I haven’t stopped yet. I have always known since an

early age the health industry would be my chosen career

pathway and HOSA not only confirmed that for me, it

also strengthened my desire to work that much harder to

achieve my career aspirations.

Ninth grade year (I refer to this as the dark ages) started

my HOSA career, and I immediately knew that I wanted to

not only be a member but also a chapter officer. My year as

a chapter officer eventually led me into becoming a state

officer as I felt I could offer something new to Georgia’s

State Executive Council. My year as a state officer was the

best year of my high school career and I am so incredibly

happy that I jumped at the opportunity to apply for state

office. HOSA is here to provide students with resources that

can help to further their career aspirations and goals and

that is exactly what HOSA has done for me… among other

things. Networking with thousands of students from across

the state along with the state’s leading health professionals

has accounted for a multitude of conversations that have

steered me to where I am today.

I have moved into the alumni membership with HOSA,

but that doesn’t mean HOSA can’t offer alumni members

anything and that alumni can’t give anything back. Alumni

status has provided me with new opportunities to finally

give back to the organization that has given so much to me.

Conferences and events are the biggest ways in which I

am able to give back and even then HOSA is still helping

me. Volunteering at conferences as a staff member has

allowed me to organize symposiums for members which

have boosted my skills as a leader and public speaker.

Organizing these symposiums has also allowed me to

influence and give advice to not only Georgia’s but quite

possibly the nation’s next leading health professionals.

Another way in which I am able to give back to HOSA

is through Georgia HOSA’s Presentation Team, a unit

within Georgia HOSA that is responsible for presenting

and representing the state association as we move from

chapter to chapter across the state to spread the mission

and objectives of HOSA.

These are the opportunities that HOSA has provided to

me thus far, but who knows….. ten years from now I could

be on the opposite side of exhibitor tables speaking to

students on how HOSA got me to my healthcare career.

Nonetheless, HOSA has been a part of my life for just over

five years and I am thankful for every second. So if you

are reading this article and haven’t joined this amazing

organization, what are you waiting for? And if you’re a past

member that hasn’t become official alumnus, this article is

for you. HOSA doesn’t just end at the secondary education

level or even the postsecondary level. Stay involved and

give back to an organization that provides students across

the world what they need in order to succeed in the health


I promise you will never regret it.



by Trent Wilson, Georgia HOSA