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Mercer County High School, Kentucky



The HOSA members of Mercer County High School were visited by Cathy Epperson, Executive Director from NAMI, to

give an introduction to the organization, the history, and services they provide for mental health. The goal given to the

students was to increase awareness regarding mental health. Many members discovered new insights into mental health

through this, and many realized that mental illnesses are a bigger issue than we realize. Continuing their involvement with

the national service project, HOSA members looked into promoting suicide awareness at their home school. Together, they

contributed to a CrossFit workout session was being held in in honor of a Navy Veteran, Becky Sefsick who had committed

suicide in 2015. Several Harrodsburg ATC HOSA chapter members decided they too wanted to bring light to her memory

and to promote awareness for the HOSA National Service Project and the partnership with NAMI.

Helping out even just one person makes it worth it.

The best way to spread mental health awareness is to get

the community involved.

Fort Harrod Crossfit supported the idea and hosted a workout session to increase suicide and mental health awareness.

Fort Harrod Crossfit box also photographed and choreographed a video and produced it to you-tube. Students loved the

fact that they got to do a challenging, and fun, workout but also with a purpose in mind. Mercer County High School District

website also highlighted the video on their home page. Their involvement in mental health awareness was acknowledged by

local news channels and newspapers. To cap off their projects to increase mental health awareness, HOSA members along

with other students accepted the 22 pushup-challenge. HOSA member, Andrew Bray, who attended the CrossFit workout

said, “I think it was a great idea for all of us as a HOSA group to come together and do this in our community. It makes

a statement when a group of kids go out there and engage themselves in spreading awareness. The motivation for our

workout was to peak interest amongst our community and to have them want to learn more. In peaking their interest, they

will take the initiative to educate themselves regarding mental health. Then if they decide to share it or help out in any way,

it could help someone in their struggle. Helping out even just one person makes it worth it. The recognition and the support

we got in the community from our event makes it possible to impact and help several people”. The best way to spread

mental health awareness is to get the community involved. There is power in numbers! The HOSA members of Mercer

County High School in Kentucky did a fantastic job at spreading awareness and getting involved!

If your chapter is doing something exciting with HOSA and you would like to share, please contact Holly Hardin, Region 2

Vice President, at