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The Food and Drug Administration approved an artificial retina,

called Argus II, to help patients with advanced retinitis pigmentosa.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), retinitis

pigmentosa is an inherited genetic disease causing retinal

degeneration that affects roughly 1 in 4,000 people. Argus II is

approved for patients aged 25 or older who are in severe need of the

artificial retina. The artificial retina is installed through surgery and

involves postoperative programming. The programming will continue

to require updates as the code needs improvements or bugs arise.

People who have been blind for a long time will also need to “relearn”

how to see through low-vision settings that will be increased over

time. This system will have the ability to reshape the lives of people

that are affected by retinitis pigmentosa.

As future health professionals, our career path is unlimited! Developing medical innovations, like the

Argus II, involved ophthalmologists, biomedical engineers, surgeons, health coders, and other health

professions! What a great way to see all the different career paths that HOSA members can pursue

in their futures!


American Society of Retina Specialists

NIH National Eye Institute