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SAMHSA would like to congratulate all of the HOSA members who took part in the

inaugural year of this new competitive event, Behavioral Health Knowledge Test, in 2016


Behavioral health is essential to overall health and to see behavioral health incorporated into HOSA’s

program is rewarding and inspiring. In August, we were pleased to host the postsecondary/collegiate-

level first place winner of the Behavioral Health Knowledge Test, Eric Wei (Texas), to our Rockville

offices. Eric spent time at SAMHSA meeting with SAMHSA’s leadership and program directors and

exploring the sites of Washington, D.C., learning about federal government functions and impact, and

educating SAMHSA staff about HOSA and their programs!

As HOSA’s ambassador, Eric shared great insight and ideas with SAMHSA teams around collaboration

and student opportunities, while also learning more about SAMHSA programs and workforce initiatives.

He met with SAMHSA’s experts in the fields of children mental health, behavioral health workforce,

faith-based programs, wellness strategies and policy and program development. The SAMHSA Acting

Deputy Administrator also joined Eric in a discussion with SAMHSA staff to discuss the future directions

of SAMHSA and behavioral health prevention, treatment and recovery.

Eric Wei (Texas) with his sister in

Washington at the White House.