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Education is the heart and soul of our society. It feeds our industries, drives innovation,

and moves our civilization forward. With a good education, we can accomplish our goals

realize our dreams, and make positive contributions to our communities. An investment

in education is the most important investment one can make. An investment in the future.

That’s why, since 1966, Peterson’s has been a trusted resource for students, parents and


That’s also why Peterson’s is so proud to work closely with HOSA, an organization that spans

55 states and 225,000 members. Like Peterson’s, HOSA is dedicated to achieving the highest

standards of quality healthcare through educational development. Both of our organizations

believe that our future is in good hands. We both hold to the ideals that a quality education

can improve lives. Not only the lives of students but, especially in the case of healthcare, all

the lives those students will touch in the course of their future careers. We are honored to

be able to partner with HOSA in helping to support HOSA scholarships and participating in

HOSA sponsored leadership conferences and expos.

When it comes to preparing for a college education, things can be a bit overwhelming.

To many it seems that, soon after you start high school, you begin to prepare for college.

Whether you are a student or a parent helping your student prepare, it can be very difficult

to navigate the various steps and deadlines required to successfully enroll in the school that

is right for you. That’s where Peterson’s comes in. We are here to help in a variety of ways.

Test Prep

Peterson’s can get you the information you need to help you choose whether to take the

ACT or SAT as a college admissions test. Our online resources include details on each

test and articles that can help you make your decision on which test would work best for

you, your test taking preferences and your prospective colleges. Once you have chosen a

test, we have many tools to help you prepare, ranging from online tutorials and practice

tests to printed test-taking materials. Our “Peterson’s ACT Prep Guide,” for example, is

an invaluable resource that can aid your success in taking the ACT.

Dean Vaughn Total Retention System

A revolutionary approach to learning, the Dean Vaughn system’s Medical Terminology

350 allows students to learn and remember over 11,000 medical terms in as little as

14 hours, all without taking notes or doing homework. It’s a proven system of applied

memory techniques that helps achieve high retention rates, even without any prior

knowledge of Medical Terminology.

Peterson’s and HOSA:

A Similar Educational Vision