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Scholarships and FAFSA

One of the biggest challenges with going to college is finding a way to pay for it.

Scholarships can make a big difference in your bottom line, but it can be a time-

consuming search and application process. Our comprehensive database of over 5,000

scholarship providers can help you find the scholarships that work for your particular

situation. In addition, several of our articles and publications can help you navigate your

FAFSA application.

Finding the Right School

There are many resources for finding the school that will match your needs. There are

many factors in choosing a school, including the location, degree programs and culture

of the school. Our online search tool can help you narrow your choices down and match

you to schools that are likely to be a good fit for you and your goals.

Putting it All Together - Deadlines and Timetables

If you are a high school student, or a parent of one, preparing for college can be

daunting. When should a student start preparing for the ACT or SAT? When is the best

time to take those tests? Should they take the PSAT? When should they start applying

for scholarships? What is the best way to find the right school? What deadlines should

a student be aware of regarding the FAFSA, College Applications, Early Decision, and

Financial Aid? A student or parent can spend a long time researching to find answers

to these questions - or even to determine what questions they should ask! Peterson’s

website provides detailed informational articles that can help you navigate this process

without getting lost, and without missing an important deadline.

Our goal is to be a trusted resource for students at every step of their college experience.

From preparing for college to dorm life, we provide guidance and advice that can help

students take some of the trepidation out of the whole process, enabling students to

focus on their academics and on enjoying their college life. We firmly believe that our job

is to help prepare the next generation of leaders. Leaders who are prepared to take the

world’s challenges head on with courage, integrity, and ethical behavior.