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The HOSA Marketing Challenge


First, HOSA Marketing Challenge is an opportunity to showcase what the HOSA organization

is all about. Beginning with the two-fold mission of promoting career opportunities in health

care and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all, HOSA has high aspirations for

its 205,000 members. Sharing the message of these aspirations is a message that this event





Second, the HOSA Marketing Challenge

allows each chapter to tell their own story.

Each chapter has made an impact on their

own community. It is the perfect way to

share the stories of successful alumni.

The HOSA Marketing Challenge is also

the opportunity to inform others of the

community service and community education

HOSA provides. From preparing to respond to

disasters or supporting the National Service

Project, members can highlight how they are

making a difference.

Lastly, it is easy to find the negatives

about the younger generation in the

media. The HOSA Marketing Challenge

can be the tool to dispel those

negatives by letting others know of the

outstanding young men and women

that make up the HOSA-Future Health

Professional organization. Check out

the event guidelines for this new

event and get your submissions in by

May 15! It is your turn to let others

know of just why how participation in

HOSA-Future Health Professionals now

can impact the future of health care!