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I once had a fortune cookie that said, “A ship in

harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships are built.”

While participating in HOSA activities, a HOSA

member experiences heightened confidence

and passion. Many HOSA members claim that

through HOSA, they have improved speaking

skills and have found an area of healthcare that

interests them. HOSA prepares students to leave

their harbor and positively impact the community,

school, and healthcare industry. HOSA

implemented my journey away from my harbor

and towards my destined career path. Now, I am

a HOSA alumna and starting veterinary school.

Six years as a HOSA student, I was fortunate to

experience the leadership development, personal

insight, and medical learning HOSA offers.

My high school’s HOSA chapter started during

my eleventh grade. My advisor encouraged us

to engage in service activities, such as the JDRF

Walk for Diabetes, and to compete at district

and state conferences. Many HOSA members

regarded our extremely caring advisor as a

second mom. I am thankful for her initiative to

create our high school’s HOSA chapter. When I

traveled to our district’s conference, I competed

in Medical Terminology and had no clue what

to expect at the conference. I was impressed

by the district officers’ professionalism and the

challenging Medical Terminology test. The

official HOSA uniform and polished public

speaking by the officers automatically portrays

leadership and commands respect. Back then, I

did not understand the placing requirements for

reaching the next level of competition, and I was

simply happy to be involved with an academic

competition. During my first year, I placed sixth

at district conference and seventh at the State

Leadership Conference. I was very proud to be in

the top ten on stage at the SLC. When I learned

about the National Leadership Conference, I

was determined to place in the top three at the

following year’s SLC. After dedicated studying for

Medical Terminology, I placed second at district

conference and at the SLC the following year. I

was ecstatic to have qualified for the NLC. Again,

the NLC impressed me with the National Executive

Council, the fellowship between members, and

the fireworks and stage effects. To my surprise,

I placed fourth at the NLC, and I was inspired to

achieve first place the next year.

After my first NLC, I entered college. Luckily,

my university already had a HOSA chapter, but

I was skeptical of joining because of my evident

busy schedule with pre-vet requirements. When

I attended a student organization fair, I visited the

HOSA booth, and the friendly HOSA officer made

me feel like a member already. I ended up joining

HOSA anyway despite my packed schedule,

and I am so glad that I continued my HOSA

membership into the postsecondary/collegiate

level because it fostered my leadership and

personal development. Eager to improve upon my

Medical Terminology score, I studied relentlessly.

I was proud to have placed first at both the SLC

and at the NLC. Because I accomplished my goal

of winning the Medical Terminology competition,

by Erin Beasley

North Carolina HOSA


members aspire to

become a physician

or a nurse, but

I have always

aspired to become

a veterinarian. I was

excited to find out

about the Veterinary

Science event and

expand upon my