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9 a.m.



Building Your State’s Future Rural

HealthcareWorkforce: A Model for

Partnership and Learning

Nathalie Preptit

Director of Outreach Services and

Partner Engagement

Tennessee Rural Partnership recognizes the importance of building a pipeline

of future healthcare professionals for rural communities. Working with HOSA

students, teachers and advisors is our effort to encourage rural students

to pursue their dream of a healthcare career and, ideally, to return to their

hometown when ready to enter a practice. This workshop will discuss the

importance of this effort and share examples to include working with academic

programs to provide hand-on learning and inspiration for students and the

creation of a scholarship program and shadowing opportunities.

Lincoln B

9 a.m.

HowTo Become a Captivating

Speaker andWoo Your Audience

Julie C. Kelly

Youth Motivational Speaker

Public speaking is the number one fear for most people. If you can master the

art of public speaking and captivate any audience, your influence and message

can change your peer group, your community and ultimately the world. Learn

strategies from professional youth speaker, Julie C. Kelly, on how to craft your

message and then deliver it like a pro.

Lincoln C

9 a.m.

A Health Care Career without

Borders: Unlimited Possibilities in

the U.S. Army

Capt. Emmanuel A. Canoy,

Capt. Josette Gamba and

Sgt. Tyler J. Horras

U.S. Army

U.S. Army health care professionals have some of the most diverse career

opportunities in the industry. Not only do they care for soldiers, families and

their communities at home, but many participate in humanitarian missions

across the world. Join U.S. Army health care professionals to learn about their

career experiences and the breadth of opportunities afforded to them through

the Army – and how their education and training prepared them to complete

any mission. Also discover U.S. Army benefits and scholarships available to

those pursuing careers in health care.

Lincoln D

9 a.m.

A Humorous Look at Leadership

Patrick T. Grady

Today ‘N Tomorrow’s Enterprises, Inc.

During this interactive, high energy and humorous presentation, Patrick T.

Grady discusses the importance of leading others by example. For bright

futures, leaders need enthusiasm, motivation and real life leadership skills that

assist in preparation of both fellow members and us. Stepping outside of our

comfort zones and taking ownership of our responsibilities are keys to our

success and growth as leaders.

Lincoln E

9 a.m.

How to Develop and Serve

on a National Championship

Parliamentary Procedure Team!

Richard Hayes, Attorney

Professional Registered


One of the most successful parliamentary coaches in the nation presents

a workshop on winning competition strategies: knowing the rules, team

selection, development of parliamentary knowledge, testing, regular practices,

competition preparation and execution. This workshop is designed for

students, advisors and coaches. Expect excellent materials and handouts

including: goal setting, obtaining school support, competition checklists,

minute preparation, debate, motions, team notebook and other parliamentary


Jackson A

9 a.m.

Applied Disaster Epidemiology:

How to Use Information to Safely

Respond to“Real World” Events

LCDR Skip Payne

Deputy Director

Medical Reserve Corps

Discover the basic concepts and principles of disaster epidemiology as well as

various assessment types as they relate to the student’s “real world.” All of this

will be done without calculating numbers!

Jackson E

Educational Symposium

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