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HOSA International Leadership Conference



9 a.m.

Is Pharmacy Right For Me?

Rachel Van Den Broek, Rita Hoke

University of Illinois Chicago

College of Pharmacy

Curious if a career in pharmacy is right for you? Learn about career paths

in pharmacy, admission requirements and paths to pharmacy school in this


Jackson D

9 a.m.

Calling All Data Nerds: How Maps,

Graphs, and Tweets Enhance

Decision-Making during Disasters

and Health Emergencies

Kelly Bennett, Brittney Seiler

Public Health Analysts

U.S. Department of Health and Human

Services (HHS), Office of the Assistant

Secretary for Preparedness and

Response (ASPR)

Making good decisions during disasters and health emergencies requires

reliable and accurate data visualizations. This workshop will provide an

overview of how the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of

Emergency Management uses geospatial maps, electronic medical record data,

and social media information to respond during emergencies.

Jackson E

9 a.m.

Pathology on a Global Scale - What

Does a Missionary Pathologist Do?

Dr. Bill Walker

Pathology Services of Kalamazoo

Bronson Methodist Hospital

This symposium will briefly describe the training necessary to become a

pathologist and various responsibilities of a pathologist in private practice

in a large community hospital. Attendees will be introduced to medical care

in mission hospitals in ThirdWorld (developing) countries. There is a critical

need for health care practitioners in all specialties in these mission hospitals.

The non-profit organization International Pathology Services began in 2006 to

address the pathology needs of these hospitals. Extreme examples of a variety

of tumors will be illustrated and discussed.

Jackson F

9 a.m.

From Ebola to Zika Virus:

Observations from the Field for

Future Global Health Professionals

CDR Guillermo Aviles-Mendoza,

Scott Taylor

U.S. Department of Health and Human

Services (HHS), Office of the Assistant

Secretary for Preparedness and

Response (ASPR)

Responses to the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreaks in West Africa and the 2016 Zika

Virus outbreaks in South America and Central America are recent examples

of multidisciplinary responses to public health emergencies of international

concern. Presenters will share first hand observations from these responses.

Canal A

9 a.m.

Telemedicine – How New

Technology is Changing Healthcare


Ghislain Vander Elst

CardioLabs, Inc.

Come explore how technology is changing the way medical care is delivered.

We will look at the diagnosis and management of cardiac patients before

and after they have been hospitalized. Participants will have the opportunity

to see and touch cardiac monitors used in telemedicine. Discussion will

include exciting career opportunities associated with telemedicine including

engineering, equipment and software design, FDA clearance, cardiac

technicians, RNs, medical research assistants and healthcare professionals in


Canal B

9 a.m.

Communication! Increase Your Skills

With Fun, Engaging Activities

Connie Moore

Mental Health Counselor, Newport

High School HOSA Advisor

Have you ever been assigned to work with a group of people you really didn’t

know? Have you entered a room and encountered that awkward silence when

no one knows quite what to say? Let’s participate in a variety of entertaining

activities to improve conversation skills, facilitate cooperation, and compel

teamwork. Leave with leadership skills you can use in your next group


Canal C