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HOSA International Leadership Conference

10 a.m.

What Near Death Experiences, Social

Media and Living Courageously All

Have in Common

Julie C. Kelly

Youth Motivational Speaker

Having survived a horrific car accident at the hands of a drunk driver, Julie C.

Kelly knows what it takes to come back to life after a near death experience.

With more pressure than ever, youth and adults alike are looking for an escape

from their reality, but substance abuse and living vicariously through social

media are not the answer. Come and hear Julie’s stories, and remind yourself

just how precious your life is, and embrace a new way to see the world before


Lincoln C

10 a.m.

How Doctors Learn

(AndWhy They Can NEVER STOP)

Dr. William Cutrer

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics,

Critical Care Medicine

Vanderbilt University School of


Given an ever increasing knowledge base and the complexity of health care

today, trainees and physicians must become master adaptive learners who

sense gaps in their own knowledge and actively engage in learning to address

these gaps. This interactive session will explore components of the Master

Adaptive Learner model, focusing on trainees sensing a knowledge gap

and strategies for engagement. An overview of different learning strategies

including the benefits of spaced repetitious learning over cramming, concept

interleaving, concept mapping, and strategies for knowledge retrieval, will

be provided. Spend the final minutes creating a personal action plan to

implement new strategies upon returning home.

Lincoln E

10 a.m.

Your Brain is Our Business

Riki Rager

Neurodiagnostic Program Director

Vanderbilt University


Kathryn-Rose Mello, Jordan Scali

Neurodiagnostic Technology is an allied health profession. NDT technologists

work in a variety of modalities including EEG (electroencephalography), EP

(evoked potentials), NCS (nerve conduction studies), PSG (polysomnography),

IOM (intraoperative monitoring), and CLTM (continuous long term monitoring)

testing the brain and central nervous system. Technicians may work anywhere

from the neonatal intensive care unit to the operating room, with all ages and

in many different challenging environments. This interactive presentation will

introduce different modalities performed. Current students from the Vanderbilt

program, Kathryn-Rose Mello, BA and Jordan Scali, BS will share and answer

questions about entry into the field.

Jackson A

10 a.m.

Explore Opportunities

in Integrated Care

Dennis Romero

Regional Administrator

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Services Administration (SAMHSA)

This session will provide information on the current move toward the

integration of physical health and behavioral health. Learn about why and

where this is happening. This shift will require all health professionals to

possess the needed skills and competencies to deliver quality health care to

their clients. The presenter will share resources available for more information.

Jackson B

10 a.m.

What You Need to Know about

Getting into Medical School…

From OneWho Knows Firsthand!

Dr. David Berman

Kaiser Permanente

This is a big time decision! Let’s review if attending medical school is a viable

choice for you to consider and if becoming a physician is the right career for

you. Get the facts and hear firsthand from a doctor what interested students

need to know about pre-medicine and the necessary preparation for medical


Jackson C