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10 a.m.

Explore the Possibilities:

Careers in Multiple Sclerosis Care

Teresa Johnson

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

A career in the multiple sclerosis (MS) field can be intellectually stimulating,

satisfying and inspiring! Much has been learned over the past 30 years, with

12 FDA-approved disease-modifying treatments and effective rehabilitation

strategies available. The etiology remains elusive and treatments are effective

for many, but they don’t cure MS. Promising research is underway of this

often, devastating disease. Explore career opportunities in research, clinical

care or multi-disciplinary clinical team, where you can make a real difference

in helping people with MS live their best lives or make a significant impact

in developing treatments and a ultimately a cure! Picture yourself in a lab,

exploring molecular mechanisms or conducting a clinical trial to evaluate a

new treatment or working with physicians, nurses, rehabilitation and mental

health professionals helping people with MS and their families face the

challenges of this unpredictable disease. Be a part of the bright future of

MS care!

Jackson D

10 a.m.

Medical Terminology—

”Old School—New School”

Linda Stanhope

Health Science Teacher

Kim Turnbull

GoodHeart-Willcox Publishing

This interactive workshop will utilize fun and engaging teaching strategies for

the classroom. Practice a combination of “tried and true old school”methods

and investigate “new school” technology methods that both students and

instructors will welcome and enjoy!

Jackson F

10 a.m.

HASHing It Out:

The Truth About Medical Marijuana

Dr. Laura Borgelt

Associate Dean of Administration and

Operations and Professor

University of Colorado Anschutz

Medical Campus

Over twenty states and the District of Columbia have laws that allow marijuana

to be used for medicinal reasons. It is important for future healthcare providers

to understand the characteristics of marijuana and its potential effect on

patients. The speaker will present a variety of issues in an evidence-based

manner related to marijuana including current regulation in the United States,

how marijuana works, its various dosage forms, therapeutic effects, side effects,

drug interactions, impact on opiate use and consumer safety issues.

Canal A

10 a.m.

STEM Premier: Showcase Yourself.

Discover Opportunities. Connect

With Colleges & Companies

Channelle Ragland, Shea Tighe

STEM Premier

STEM Premier® is an online HOSA endorsed platform where students (13+)

build digital portfolios to showcase their HOSA endorsed STEM skills and

talents, access scholarships and connect with colleges, companies and

organizations. Learn how you can create a digital profile on STEM Premier to

showcase your skills, discover scholarship and internship opportunities, and

connect with colleges and companies. HOSA is using STEM Premier for selected

competitive events and submitting applications for scholarship.

Canal C

11 a.m.

Hands-On Body Systems ©:

‘Gas Exchange…the Breath of Life!’

Starla Ewan

Starla’s Creative Teaching Tips

Participants will build the organs responsible for gas exchange out of brightly

colored clay! Watch how these components come together to give you the

‘breath of life’. Each person will build and be able to take their organs of gas

exchange with them after the workshop!


Chamber B

Educational Symposium



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