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Educational Symposium



11 a.m.

One Choice Changes Everything

Amanda Chiota

CVS Pharmacy Supervisor

At CVS Health, our purpose is helping people on their path to better health.

Our workshop will discuss prescription drug abuse, which is now considered

a national epidemic. One in four teens have misused or abused prescription

drugs once in their lifetime, with most getting them from a family’s medicine

cabinet. At CVS, it is our responsibility to help minimize the number of

people affected from this epidemic and raise awareness with our youth about

the harmful effects of prescription drug abuse. Our Community Outreach

Workshop raises awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse and

reinforces the choices that teenagers make have major consequences in their


Jackson A

11 a.m.

There Has Never Been a Better Time

to Consider a Career in Dentistry!

Elizabeth Reitz, Avril Terrell

American Dental Education Association


Is dentistry right for you? Let ADEA help you answer that question! Our

presentation will reveal why dentistry is a popular and rewarding career choice.

Topics include perks of being a dentist, the pathway (application) to dental

school, career and practice options as a dentist, and much more. Additionally,

a local dental school admissions officer will discuss tips for a successful ADEA

AADSAS application and a current dental student will describe life as a dental

student. Don’t miss out - a career in dentistry could be right for you!

Jackson B

11 a.m.

Emergency Medical Services: A

Gateway to the Medical Profession

Danny Sheckles

Tennessee EMS Education Association

This presentation will take the attendee through the process of becoming

licensed as an EMT, AEMT and Paramedic. We will discuss the skill set that each

licensure level requires and look at the job opportunities available for the EMT/

AEMT/Paramedic. Let’s explore how EMS can springboard your career into

other health professions.

Jackson C

11 a.m.

Planning the Path to Your Career

Tama Morris

Queens University of Charlotte

Dean, Blair College of Health

A health career starts with a well-planned education. Students interested

in healthcare careers often spend a great deal of time learning about the

career, but not the academic preparations that help achieve their goal. Early

planning is the key to a successful healthcare career plan. Discover the career

path begins as early as middle school and continues through high school

and college. Learn about middle and high school courses that prepare you

for college level work and why those courses are as important as your GPA.

Discuss the college application process and “working backward” to meet

requirements. Find out the types of courses to take in college and begin your

personal plan to succeed.

Jackson D

11 a.m.

Exercise and Medicine

Shannon L. Mathis

University of Alabama in Huntsville

“Exercise is medicine” is a concept that dates back to Hippocrates. Yet, the

leading causes of death in the U.S. are preventable with exercise. Learn how

experts in the field of exercise science collaborate to make a comprehensive

team of health care professionals. This exciting profession is packing a powerful

punch to influence medicine. Learn how exercise is prescribed to prevent

diseases by reaching the mind and body through kinesiology.

Jackson E

11 a.m.

Functional Neurology—

Health Care Choices

Michael Hall

Life University

NeuroLife Institute

This workshop will engage HOSA attendees in what has become a fast growing

and exciting aspect of health care practice. The healthcare initiative has shifted

towards functional outcomes and progress measurements. This workshop

will explore what functional neurology is, how students can learn more, and

what some of the exciting rewards are that come from practicing in the field

of functional neurology. Whether your desire is to help the pediatric, geriatric,

sports, or general health/wellness populations, functional neurology should be

a consideration in your choice of health professions.

Jackson F

…Thursday, continued