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1 p.m.

Pathology on a Global Scale—What

Does a Missionary Pathologist Do?

Dr. Bill Walker

Pathology Services of Kalamazoo

Bronson Methodist Hospital

This symposium will briefly describe the training necessary to become a

pathologist and various responsibilities of a pathologist in private practice in

a large community hospital. Attendees will be introduced to medical care in

mission hospitals in ThirdWorld (developing) countries. There is a critical need

for health care practitioners in all specialties in mission hospitals. The non-profit

organization International Pathology Services began in 2006 to address the

pathology needs of these hospitals. Extreme examples of a variety of tumors

will be illustrated and discussed.

Lincoln A

1 p.m.

Set-up for Success: Becoming an

Army Health Care Practitioner

Capt. Jimmedda Mills

Capt. Andrew T. Branch

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army makes it possible for thousands of men and women to reach

their career and education goals each year in more than 90 health care

professional specialties, whether students are interested in joining Army

Reserve Officers’Training Corps (ROTC) at undergraduate universities or

taking advantage of a wide range of educational opportunities and financial

incentives as full-time Officers or enlisted Soldiers. Hear firsthand from U.S.

Army health care professionals about the different U.S. Army career paths

available to those interested in medical and health care careers.

Lincoln D

1 p.m.



Enhance Your Resume with

the Professional Healthcare

Instructor Certification

Cynthia Orr, Danielle Sadighi

American Medical

Certification Association

This workshop is for health science teachers looking to gain insight into

classroom management and teaching styles. Participants will have an

opportunity to learn how to earn the Professional Healthcare Instructor

Certification. This certification requires one-year teaching experience.

Acquiring this certification will enhance an instructor’s skills and provide the

instructor additional marketability in the allied healthcare teaching industry.

The exam breakdown is as follows: learning styles (20%), applying Blooms

Taxonomy (20%), dealing with learners (30%), lesson plan preparation (10%)

and, general education questions (20%).

Lincoln E

1 p.m.

Mock Dental Clinic

in the ThirdWorld

Kim Troggio

David Berman, M.D.

Global Dental Relief

This symposiumwill provide an overview of public health dentistry in

developing countries as it relates to short-term volunteer opportunities for

people interested in the dental profession. Following the discussion, there will

be a mock field dental clinic set-up, where students are able to simulate and

experience working in a field dental clinic.

Jackson B

1 p.m.

Exercise and Medicine

Shannon L. Mathis

University of Alabama in Huntsville

“Exercise is medicine” is a concept that dates back to Hippocrates. Yet, the

leading causes of death in the U.S. are preventable with exercise. Learn how

experts in the field of exercise science collaborate to make a comprehensive

team of health care professionals. This exciting profession is packing a powerful

punch to influence medicine. Learn how exercise is prescribed to prevent

diseases by reaching the mind and body through kinesiology.

Jackson D

Educational Symposium



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