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HOSA International Leadership Conference



1 p.m.

Unique Health Policy Opportunities

and FindingWork-Life Balance in

Washington, D.C.

Kim Lundberg

National Defense University

Office of the Joint Medical Chair for

Global Health

Karl Tigges

Army Combat Veteran

Washington, D.C. offers unique opportunities in health policy, unavailable

elsewhere. Living and working “inside the beltway” can be challenging, but

extremely rewarding. One of the hottest job markets, not only for traditional

health professions (physicians, pharmacists, and bench scientists), this city may

be perfect for those interested in taking less traditional health career paths.

Many Washington organizations—governmental, non-profits, industry, media,

and think tanks—have public health or health policy positions available.

Government positions are available in health policy, as well as supporting

contracting and consulting roles. House and Senate hearings are open to the

public along with free events involving high-level officials. In this session,

students will learn about networking, negotiating, and finding the best work-

life balance to not only improve the health of others, but also support personal


Jackson F

1 p.m.

You Too Can Make an

IMPACT on theWorld

Dr. Dawn Barton Cadwallader

LIFE University

This inspirational workshop is an introduction into the world of chiropractic,

nutrition, and sports health science and the endless possibilities that

individuals can pursue in order to have a career and life of their dreams based

on natural health. Students will be guided to define their purpose in life and

how to make an impact on the world by living a life of their dreams while

creating miracles for themselves and others.

Jackson E

2 p.m.

No Job isWorth a YoungWorker’s

Life | New OSHA 10-Hour General

Industry (Healthcare) Safety Training

Kaitlyn White

CareerSafe Online

Every nine minutes, a young person is injured while on the job. Healthcare

workers face a wide range of hazards on the job, including needle stick injuries,

back injuries, latex allergy, violence, and stress. CareerSafe’s mission is to

deliver Safety Education for America’s Future through interactive, online safety

training courses. Specifically, CareerSafe has introduced a new OSHA 10-Hour

General Industry (Healthcare) training course for young adults. Through this

training, OSHA helps to ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about

workplace hazards and their rights. Students that complete our course receive

an industry-recognized credential. Young workers will develop a safety mindset

and acquire marketable skills for a competitive edge.

Lincoln B

2 p.m.

Get the Steps to Start

a Postsecondary/Collegiate

HOSA Chapter

William-Bernard Reid-Varley

HOSA Alumnus

Do you love being a HOSA member and don’t want it to end? Good news! It

doesn’t have to end! The Postsecondary/Collegiate Division provides students

in two and four-year institutions with the same opportunities you currently

enjoy. This workshop will provide all the information needed to start, lead,

and maintain a HOSA chapter at your college or university. The presenter will

discuss strategies that work best and the ones that don’t work at all (gleaned

from his personal experience as a collegiate chapter founder). Get help needed

to start a chapter in the most efficient, effective, and simplest way possible.

Lincoln D