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HOSA International Leadership Conference

2 p.m.

Memory Power for Health Education

Dean Vaughn, Author

Robert M. Maddestra

Peterson’s, a Nelnet Co.

Dean Vaughn is the world’s leading author of applied memory programs for a

range of subjects. His total retention courses have revolutionized teaching of

medical terminology and human anatomy. No learned skill can approach the

value of a trained memory and ability to apply it to all phases of achievement.

Designed for maximum memory retention, The Dean Vaughn System offers

a unique method to make it easy to remember (and pretty hard to forget!)

thousands of medical terms without the monotony of repetition or homework.

These proven techniques are invaluable to students pursuing a program of

study in the health professions.

Canal A

2 p.m.

HowWe TRAIN Health Professionals:

Professional Development in the

Every Day

Ilya Plotkin

Assistant TRAIN Director

Public Health Foundation

Every day, health professionals, including students, mid-career professionals,

and those about to retire, learn and explore topics relevant to building their

skills, knowledge, and expertise. Sometimes trainings are simple updates,

while other times, the knowledge is entirely new and timely (ex. Ebola or Zika).

Providing training to the broad health workforce is challenging. Many health-

focused organizations have embraced e-learning as a means to get the most

information most quickly to the largest audience. TRAIN Learning Network, has

a partnership between local, state, and federal agencies, academic institutions

and nonprofit organizations, like HOSA. TRAIN reaches over one million health

professionals around the world with thousands of online training opportunities

from nearly 4,000 providers. Learn how to access TRAIN and how HOSA

members and advisors can utilize TRAIN to support educational efforts.



Room B

3 p.m.



Bringing Hands-On to Your Health

Science Classroom, Using Clay!

Brandee Gillham

ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System

Attend this workshop to learn how to engage students with immediate,

hands-on learning using a hand-held skeleton and clay. This system utilizes

visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities that facilitate learning and long-

term knowledge retention. Great fit for health science courses as well as other

sciences, providing a well-rounded learning experience. Prepare yourself for

this hands-on experience building muscles and other body structures in clay!


Chamber B

3 p.m.



Precision Exams- Empowering

Students and Supporting CTE

Leaders Across the Nation!

Edson Barton, Adam Sanchez

Precision Exams

Precision Exams is the most comprehensive testing solution, delivering the

National Health Science Assessment sponsored by the National Consortium for

Health Science Education, as well as 160+ Career Skills Exams & Certifications™

to help schools fulfill multiple needs: Technical Skill Attainment, Student

Growth Measurement, Career Skills Certificate. Everything is delivered through

a 100% online easy-to-use exam delivery system, available in pre/post or

single assessment format, and complete with instant standards-level detailed

reporting functionality available to all teachers, proctors and administrators. To

learn more visit .

Lincoln A

3 p.m.

Texting and Driving,

Slim Chance of Surviving

Alan and Angela Hefter

Founders Jacob Hefter Foundation

Alan and Angela Hefter founded the Jacob Hefter Foundation, in honor of their

son, Jacob Hefter. The Hefter’s share their story about the dangers of texting

and driving and the tragedy that struck their family due to this epidemic.

Participates will have an opportunity to make a pledge to be text free drivers

and help to keep lives safe, one pledge at a time.


Chamber A