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3 p.m.

You Are #UniqueBecause

Devshree Khachane

Kelly Taylor

Delete Blood Cancer DKMS

Lifesaving begins with you. Did you know your individuality, your passion for

service, your need to make a change in your community can all lead to saving

a life? This workshop will allow HOSA members to take the lead on educating

the public and raising awareness on the importance of signing up to be on

the National Bone Marrow Registry. The more advocates, the more lives can be

saved. Our volunteer program is flexible. Each chapter can decide exactly how

they want to be involved. HOSA members can host bone marrow drives in their

communities, host fundraising events, and even secure speaking engagements

to educate their communities. The options are limitless and a Delete Blood

Cancer representative will work with those who are interested one on one to

help formulate and execute their service projects.



Room A

3 p.m.

How Do You Prepare for A Career in

Speech-Language Pathology?

Tennessee State University Speech-

Language Pathology Students

Lead Moderators: Lindsey Slaughter

and Isabella Kearney;

Panelists: Stephanie Austin, Elizabeth

Balthrop, Kaitlyn Boggs, Heather Hall, Liz

Jackson, Morgan Lovett, Kelli Merriman,

Janae Richter, and Kristine Siu.

This lively presentation features current graduate students in speech-language

pathology from Tennessee State University. The student presenters will

discuss the unique paths that brought them to this career and share their

experiences navigating through the communication sciences and disorders

program on a day-to-day basis. HOSA members will be exposed to a variety

of communication disorders, job settings and interesting facts/trivia about

speech pathology through the use of “Kahoot!”, an interactive activity.



Room B

3 p.m.



HealthCenter21: Engaging and

Motivating Students to Succeed!

Anne Kuser

Applied Educational Systems

HealthCenter21 is a web based, interactive solution for the teaching of

healthcare. Developed using the National Health Science Standards, HC21 is a

library of resources to assist instructors and motivate students.

Lincoln B

3 p.m.

Dollars for Bandages: The Perfect

HOSA Fundraiser!

Sandi Burgess

Right Response Fundraising

The healthiest fundraiser in the universe! How’s that for a bold statement?

Seriously though, our company helps HOSA chapters get those much-needed

dollars that lubricate the gears. We produce U.S. made first aid products that

are the EXACT right image for students’ fundraising efforts. Right Response has

worked with hundreds of HOSA chapters, and recently had a group in Texas set

a new record with a total of over $37,000. Come find out how to harness our

solid, professional program to help fuel yours!

Lincoln D

3 p.m.

Health Careers:

Your Future, Your Choice

Lynn Brooks

Health Professions Network

This presentation will look at which jobs will have the most growth over the

next few years, what employment opportunities will look like for students,

some ways students can get a good job early while working toward more

advanced and higher paying jobs. The presenter will project some of the

coming changes in health careers and the education process involved in

developing the workforce for the future. Wage and salary information for

various occupations will also be shared.

Lincoln E

Educational Symposium



…Thursday, continued