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Hotel Property

Conduct at any HOSA function, whether it is a general session

or in the cleanliness of a sleeping room, should make a positive

contribution to the reputation of HOSA. Advisors should check rooms

before departure from the hotel to ensure that they are left in good

condition. Delegates are responsible for any vandalism to hotel rooms

or property and will be expected to pay any and all damages incurred.

Conference Name Badges

Conference name badges must be worn at all times. For conference

activities, wear your name badge in plain sight to ensure your

admittance to conference functions. The name badge serves as the entry

to all official conference functions including general sessions, business

session, workshops, and for bus transportation to competitive event

sites. For security purposes, do not wear the conference badge while

touring the city. Replacement badges are $5 and can be obtained at

the Conference Headquarters with proper identification.

General Session Tickets

Delegates must have tickets to attend the Opening General

Session, Recognition Session and the Awards Session. Only

registered delegates and guests may attend the General Sessions

and entertainment activities. Your conference name badge will

serve as your admission ticket to all Educational Symposiums and

entertainment activities. Please remember that seating for Educational

Symposiums is on a first-come, first-served basis while space is available.

Local and State Advisors’ Orientation Meeting

All local and state advisors are encouraged to attend the orientation

meeting on Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in Governor’s North

Ballroom. All conference chairmen will be present. Any changes in

the program will be given at this time. This orientation is provided to

ensure a smooth-running competitive events program and conference.

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