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Voting Delegates

Each voting delegate will receive a voting delegate ribbon from his/

her state advisor. All voting delegates or alternate must attend the

Voting Delegate Orientation or have a representative as his/her proxy.

Voting Delegates should be seated in the voting delegate area at least

ten minutes prior to the start of the Business Session on Thursday at

3 p.m. Official HOSA uniform must be worn. Voting Delegates should

also bring a mobile device (i.e. smart phone or tablet) in order to

participate in eVoting this year. Delegates will be able to share devices

or use one provided by National HOSA.

On Thursday, June 23, the National Executive Council will host a

breakfast for voting delegates and national officer candidates. This will

be an opportunity for the voting delegates to meet the national officer

candidates on an informal basis.

Conference Insurance

Conference insurance has been secured for all conference delegates.

Protection can extend up to three days before and three days after the

conference. Coverage begins when the insured delegate leaves his/

her residence, and continues until he or she returns home (within the

three-day extension).

Reproduction of Photographs

As a delegate to the International Leadership Conference, permission

is granted to make photographs, videotapes, broadcasts, and/or sound

recordings, separately or in combination, available for reproduction

for educational and promotional purposes by HOSA unless you put in

writing this exception.

Competitive Events Information

Fifty-seven competitive events will be conducted in six program areas

at three levels at the International Leadership Conference. HOSA

competitive events are conducted as incentives for HSE students

to be recognized for achievement related to career and leadership

development. Competitive events are designed to complement

the health and biomedical science education programs through

application of the instruction received. This practical experience

assists the HOSA member in developing the knowledge, skills, and

attitude required to deliver quality health care.

Orientation and Scheduling

Competitor Orientations will take place directly before the round one

event. There will not be time between the Orientation and the start of

the event to go back to your room. Competitors will need to bring all

items for their competition to the orientation and be properly dressed,

as their appointment time may be immediately following orientation.

Random Appointment Assignment

If you are in an event with appointment times, this means the first

appointment times will be immediately following the conclusion of

orientation. You may be the first to report, or you may be two hours

later, depending on your random appointment assignment. You

should prepare for both possibilities.

Event Personnel Meeting Timing

Event Personnel Meetings will take place directly before the round one

event starts, instead of at an earlier time or day. There will be a second

Event Personnel Meeting that takes place directly before the round

two portion of the event, if applicable.

Competitive Event Judges

Competitive event judges are asked to arrive to the judge orientation

for their event. It should be remembered that event judges are “very

important persons” at the International Leadership Conference.

When opportunities arise, please tell these volunteers how much we

appreciate the contributions they are making to HOSA and the 2016

International Leadership Conference.

Round Two Information Sheets

Round two Information Sheets have been created for competitors

who advance to round two. These round two Information sheets are

one-page documents that explain all the details of round two, what to

expect, where to go, and any special notes needed.

National Officer Campaigning

Verbal campaigning may begin after the national officer candidate

slate is announced by the Nominating Committee.

Supporting HOSA

Chapters becoming

oral health advocates!




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