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HOSA Heros:

40th Anniversary Recognition

Rebecca NeedhamAnderson

Oklahoma (1995), HOSA Chapter: Mid-Del Technology Center

Rebecca was an LPN and graduate of Mid-Del Technology Center and State Vice President of

Oklahoma HOSA in 1992-93. Upon seeing coverage of the Oklahoma City Bombing, Rebecca

went to help, thinking mainly of the children who were in the building’s nursery. When she

arrived at the bombing site, she immediately began digging through the rubble, pulling out

victim after victim feverishly and fervently, taking them out of the ruins of the building and

going back in after more victims repeatedly. While she was digging, failing debris fell struck

her in the back of the head. She staggered out and told her fellow rescuers that she had been

struck, but refused to sit down and rest, for she was determined to rescue more victims. Rebecca

died April 23, 1995, as a result of a head injury she received while trying to save victims involved in

the bombing. Although not killed in the actual blast, she was tallied as the 168th and final victim of

the Oklahoma City bombing. Rebecca died a hero and is being recognized for her heroic efforts during

the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.


Arizona (2006), HOSA Chapter: Sunrise Mountain High School

Ashley Mazur, Arizona State President 2006-2007, was working as an Arizona legislative page

when Representative Ray Barnes collapsed. Luckily, Ashley, a recent high school graduate,

had learned CPR when she was 11 years old and had recently received her CNA certification

through her health science program at Sunrise Mountain High School. Mazur bolted across

the chamber floor to join lawmakers, a lobbyist and a security officer who came to Barnes’

aid. Mazur immediately secured the emergency scene and became the hero among the Capitol

crowd and is credited for saving Representative Barnes’ life.

Bill Duffy

Oregon (1998), HOSA Chapter: Thurston High School

Bill Duffy was the HOSA Chapter Advisor and the head of the Emergency Preparedness Team

at Thurston High school in Springfield, Oregon. On Wednesday, May 20, 1998, Kip Kinkel shot

his mother and father at home. The next day, Kinkel drove to school and opened fire on his

classmates. Bill Duffy and his HOSA members rushed to the cafeteria where they found chaos.

Ultimately four people lost their lives and 24 students were injured in the shooting. The Thurston

High School HOSA Chapter had been trained in disaster drills and they immediately set up a triage

area and provided first-aid until the EMTs and Police arrived. Bill and Thurston High School HOSA are

recognized for their leadership in preparedness and heroic actions following the school shooting.

Daniel Hernandez

Arizona (2010), HOSA Chapter: Sunnyside High School

HOSA Advisor: Catherine Monroe

Daniel Hernandez heard gunshots. Most people would get as far away as possible -- but he ran

towards them. His courageous decision saved Rep. Gabrielle Giffords life. Hernandez was an

intern for the congresswoman for five days when a man opened fire outside a “Congress on

Your Corner” event in Arizona. He moved from person to person checking pulses, according

to the Arizona Republic before he saw Giffords on the sidewalk who was bleeding. Finding

congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot, he immediately applied pressure to the entry wound

on her forehead while he waited for EMT’s to arrive. He pulled her into his lap, holding her upright

against him so she wouldn’t choke on her own blood. Daniel never let go of his boss and for that he

is credited with saving Rep. Gabirelle Giffords’ life.