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Brooke Gurnari

New Jersey (2014), HOSA Chapter: Morris County School of Technology

Brooke Gurnari was a student of the Health Care Sciences Academy at Morris County School

of Technology where she learned CPR. One day she was waiting for the bus and noticed

a boy’s face turn blue. She acted quickly, asking other students to help her administer

CPR until the paramedics arrived. Brooke performed CPR for 10 minutes. Brooke’s training

helped her remain composed and calm while saving the life of a fellow student.

Jennie Aguirre

California (2015), HOSA Chapter: Gladstone High School

Jennie Aguirre, a medical instructor at Gladstone High School, was demonstrating the

use of EKG equipment on one of her students, Savannah Rudder, when she noticed an

abnormality. After class, she pulled Rudder to the side and told her she may want to get it

checked out — and it was severe enough that the high school junior must now wear a heart

monitor. Many high schools don’t have medical academy classes, but Rudder was lucky that

Gladstone High School, and more importantly Jennie Aguirre teaches the program.

Rick Spencer

Utah (2015), HOSA Chapter: Toole High School

Rick Spencer is a health studies teacher at Tooele High School who saved the life of fellow

teacher Alan Drake in 2015. Mr. Spencer was walking some of his students down the

hall when another teacher frantically called for his help. Just down the hall and around

the corner, social studies teacher Alan Drake was going into cardiac arrest. Mr. Spencer

administered mouth to mouth, and then chest compressions, helping stabilize Drake until

paramedics arrived. A medical helicopter landed in the school’s practice field, transporting

Drake to University of Utah Hospital. Mr. Spencer says he is full of gratitude that he was able

to save the life of a fellow teacher.

HOSA Heros

Areana Villaescusa andMartin Fernandez

Arizona (2014), HOSA Chapter: Rio Rico High School

HOSA Advisor: Stacy Hutton

Both HOSA members completed the CNA course and graduated in 2014. As part of their CNA

curriculum they learned CPR. Within a few weeks of securing their CPR certification, they

performed CPR on the wrestling coach and saved his life. Both students were on the wrestling

team and Areana is an Olympic hopeful training in Colorado. Martin is working in a hospital

as a Patient Care Technician. Both are attending college and pursuing careers in health. The

remarkable part of the story is that the wrestling coach is Areana’s father. Both were invited to

share their life-saving experience at the AIA 2014 Champions Award Banquet at the University of

Phoenix Stadium on May 19, 2014.