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Brooklyn Rodgers

HOSA Chapter: Marshall Technical School

Alabama (2016), HOSA Advisor: Suzann Peppers

Brooklyn Rodgers, a health science student at Marshall Technical School performed the

Heimlich maneuver to Anthony Barnes, a counselor’s aid at her school. Mr. Barnes was

eating a piece of cake during a birthday party in the school library when he began choking

on the piece of cake. Without hesitation, Brooklyn ran over to him and performed the

Heimlich maneuver which dislodged the cake and saved Mr. Barnes’ life.

Finesse Shelton

HOSA Chapter: Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy

Alabama (2016), HOSA Advisor: Krista Champion

Finesse Shelton was a student at Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy (TCTA) in

both the Health Science and Fire Science Programs where she learned CPR. In March

2016, her grandfather went into cardiac arrest at home. Without hesitation, Finesse

immediately began CPR and revived him before paramedics arrived. Using the skills

she had learned in her Foundations of Health Science class, Finesse was able to save her

grandfather’s life.

Leigh Kemp

Alabama (2016), HOSA Chapter: Opelika High School

On April 26, 2016, Leigh Kemp a Health Science Teacher and HOSA Advisor was

chaperoning her son’s field trip to a Montgomery Biscuits baseball game. During the

third inning, a foul ball struck a fan in the same section where Leigh was sitting. The fan

collapsed and was knocked unconscious. As Leigh approached, the fan was beginning to

regain consciousness, but there was a large amount of blood. Leigh placed pressure on the

injury to stop the bleeding and assessed her level of consciousness until the paramedics

arrived and she was taken to the hospital. Luckily, Leigh was able to remain with the fan and

provide care.

Fitzroy Rhoden

HOSA Chapter: Glades Central High School

Florida (2016), HOSA Advisor: Sherry Canty

Fitzroy Rhoden, Jr. needed a ride to Camp Invention Summer Camp where he volunteered.

He called his co-worker Ms. Beatriz Solis to ask for a ride but while they were on the phone

Fitzroy noticed that Ms. Solis speech was slurred and she didn’t sound like herself. When

Ms. Solis arrived to pick him up, he noticed and recognized the symptoms that she was

exhibiting were those of a stroke. Fitzroy took charge, drove to the nearest hospital and

stayed by Ms. Soli’s side explaining the medical terms to her as she received care. Fitzroy

Rhoden is now a hero thanks to his quick thinking and the skills and knowledge he gained as

a student in the medical program at Glades Central High School in Florida.

HOSA International Leadership Conference