HOSA Harvey Relief

Adopt a Texas HOSA Chapter-Pay It Forward!

As you know, Hurricane Harvey has effected many HOSA members and over 400 HOSA chapters in Houston and the surrounding areas. While we know that all chapters and members will not need the same support, we would like to help relieve their burden in a way that only our HOSA family can. One way we can help other HOSA chapters is by paying for membership, fall conference registration fees, travel funds, or by replacing damaged supplies. 

If you are from a chapter that was effected by Hurricane Harvey, please accept our well wishes and tell us more by fillling out this form.

If you are a HOSA chapter that would like to adopt a Southeast Texas HOSA chapter, please fill out this form

We will work on matching HOSA chapters of similar sizes as soon as possible or our HOSA partners with local chapters when we receive the forms from both entities. 

Below is more detailed information: 

How does adopting a chapter work?
Chapters in Southeast Texas will submit their needs via the form above. Once we have received information from chapters or partners that are willing to assist, we will match entities. Monetary donations will be sent to HOSA Headquarters, 548 Silicon Drive, Suite 101 Southlake, TX 76092.  HOSA will notify the state and local chapter that funds have been received for membership. If the donation is for travel expense or state conferences, HOSA Headquarters will work directly with the local chapter advisor. Supplies will be forwarded directly to the appropriate address of the chapter who requested them. 

What is my financial commitment when I adopt a chapter?
You are committing to help in a mutually agreed upon way. 

Are you confirming that the people applying are HOSA Advisors?
Yes - all that are applying are confirmed. 

Adoption and Fulfillment Process: 

  1. Chapters apply for adoption - completes the adoptee chapter application. 
  2. HOSA chapters and partners seeking adoptees complete the chapter adoption form. 
  3. Chapters approved for adoption will be matched with other chapters or partners. 
  4. The Adopting Chapter/Partner reviews the requests of the Adoptee Chapter and communicates what they are capable of providing and the timeline. 
  5. The Adoptee Chapter receives help from the Adopting Chapter/Partner and writes thank you note(s) to the appropriate Adopting Chapter/Partner. 
  6. If the Adopting Chapter/Partner is providing “x” number of national affiliation fees ($10 per member) or “x” number of local affiliation fees, a check or certified funds should be sent to HOSA-Future Health Professionals to offset the cost of national and/or local affiliation fees for the 2017-2018 school year. The national organization will notify the state and local chapter that funds have been paid for the Adoptee Chapter.
  7. If the Adopting Chapter/Partner wants to send chapter or individual supplies listed by the Adoptee Chapter, those items should be boxed and mailed directly to the chapter.
  8. Adopting and Adoptee Chapters should communicate regularly by text, email, letter and/or Skype.  
  9. Adopting Chapters and Partners will be recognized on the HOSA-Future Health Professionals website at www.hosa.org
  10. Adoptee Chapters are encouraged to send messages to Adopting Chapters that can be published on the HOSA website.
  11. Adoptee Chapters should submit articles to local newspapers, television stations, radio stations, etc. to gain visibility for the HOSA Adopt-a-Chapter Initiative in response to Hurricane Harvey and provide examples of the assistance provided by the Adopting Chapters and/or Partners.
  12. Maintain communications with the Adopting Chapter and/or Partner beyond the initial assistance.
  13. Make plans to meet at the International Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas in 2018.


Special thanks to Texas HOSA for putting together this project. HOSA Headquarters and Texas HOSA are working closely together to make sure we have a large impact on chapters in need.