This course was developed in conjunction with National HOSA, the Texas Education Agency and the University of North Texas
Copyright: National HOSA

This course consists of seven modules designed to assist the Health Science Technology Education (HSTE) professional in organizing, facilitating, and evaluating a successful leadership program for Health Science Technology students.


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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

    1. Analyze the mission of HOSA
    2. Identify basic HOSA facts, policies, characteristics and resources of HOSA
    3. Analyze the origin and development of HOSA
    4. Analyze the role of a HOSA chapter advisor
    5. Serve as a chapter advisor and facilitate at least three (3) chapter activities
    6. Demonstrate the following motions: main motion, amend, lay on the table, refer, previous question, division of the assembly, point of order, parliamentary inquiry, postpone (definitely and indefinitely), recess, object to the consideration of a question, reconsider, and adjourn.
    7. Analyze basic elements of parliamentary procedure.
    8. Describe basic duties of HOSA officers.
    9. Identify basic leadership qualities
    10. Analyze communication skills for effective leadership
    11. Demonstrate officer leadership skills
    12. Evaluate and experience all aspects of competitive events management
    13. Analyze competitive events follow-up data
    14. Explain the purpose and characteristics of HOSA competitive events
    15. Analyze the value of HOSA competitive events as instructional strategies
    16. Integrate HOSA competitive events in the classroom
    17. Apply organizational management skills

Hardware/Software Requirements



Many documents are in Adobe Acrobat format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to be able to view the document.  Visit to download the latest version of the reader (free).

All assignments will be submitted using PC-based Microsoft Office applications. Therefore, the participant must have these applications.


Course materials are designed for a 600 X 800 monitor resolution.  Higher resolution will work fine but a lower resolution will require the viewer to scroll horizontally to view the contents of each page.

Contact HOSA for hardware and software specifications.

Graduate/Undergraduate Credit

Prerequisites - Students must be enrolled in the University of North Texas ( to receive credit.  Graduate students must be enrolled in the University's Toulouse School of Graduate Studies to receive graduate credit. Students must have Internet access with an established e-mail account to receive confirmation of enrollment.

Enrollment - Course content is distributed via the University's WebCT system. The final enrollment step requires that the student be added to the class roster which allows access to the actual course materials. Once the instructor adds the student to the roster, the student will receive an e-mail message advising them of their log-in ID and their password. (Note: This requires that the student have a personal UNT Eagle Mail -- e-mail account.)

For more information, contact Dr. Jerry Wircenski at

Receiving Credit - Enrollment in the course does not ensure that the student will receive the 3 hour course credit. Students must, have paid all course fees, satisfactorily complete all course work within the allotted time, not have any outstanding blocks that would prevent receiving course credit, and completed the course evaluations.

If you enroll in a course for undergraduate or graduate credit, these credits will appear on an official University of North Texas transcript. With an Advisor's approval, these credits may be used on an undergraduate or graduate degree plan. Additionally, school districts typically have salary schedules which award teachers for graduate credits and/or obtainment of a masters degree.

Software Considerations - The course utilizes the WebCT application when taken for credit at the University of North Texas. WebCT is designed around the Netscape browser 4.7.  Use of Netscape 6 is not recommended and is not supported by the WebCT support group. Netscape 6.2.1 will work except it will not support chat features within WebCT. Microsoft's Internet Explorer generally works fine but is not totally compatible with the WebCT application and therefore is not supported by the WebCT support group.

When the course is completed as a self-paced, non-credit course, WebCT is not used and the above browser restrictions do not apply.

Hardware Considerations - Participants must have Internet access utilizing minimum modem speed of 56 Kb or faster application such as DSL line if taking the course for university or continuing education credit.

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