Copyright: National HOSA    
    Module 1     Introduction to HOSA    
       Module 2   HOSA Chapter Management    
     Module 3     Parliamentary Procedure    
     Module 4     Student Leadership    
     Module 5 Competitive Events Management    
       Module 6   Competitive Events as an Instructional Tool    
     Module 7     Advisor Leadership    
        Each module consists of content to be studied and suggested readings. Course participants will generally move through the course requirements at their own pace.

Communication with the course instructor via e-mail is essential. This method will be used for answering individual questions and addressing individual concerns.

All class members will be a part of an eGroup. When a message is posted by anyone in the class (participant or instructor) all members of the class will be able to read and respond to the message. The instructor will use the eGroup to pose questions or make suggestions to the group at large. The group will use the eGroup to share ideas and experiences from the class.

Assignments are given for each module to help achieve course goals.