Health Occupations
Students of America
A program of student-led activities relating to Health Occupations Education designed to develop future leaders for the health care community.

HOSA is Curricular
Activities relate to classroom instruction.
Activities relate to the Health Care Delivery System.
Activities are an outgrowth of the Health Occupations Education program.
Question:  What is the difference between HOSA,    a “curricular” organization, and other school clubs that are “extra-curricular?”

How Does HOSA Help You?

HOSA activities are integrated into the
curriculum to provide students with the ability to:
Set goals for life-long career planning
Lead by using the democratic process
Develop leadership skills
Communicate more effectively
Build self-esteem
Interact with the health care community
Develop workplace readiness skills
Take pride in accomplishments

Mission Statement

HOSA Goals
To promote physical, mental and social well-being
To develop effective leadership qualities and skills
To develop character
To build pride and self-confidence
To improve communication skills
To understand the importance of service to others
To make realistic career choices and succeed in a health care profession

HOSA Encourages:
Interaction and cooperation with other students and professional organizations.

HOSA Provides for:
Individual and group achievement.

HOSA Develops:
An understanding of current health care issues, environmental concerns, and survival needs of the community, the nation, and the world.

HOSA Encourages . . .
Involvement in local, state and national health care and education projects.

The HOSA Organization

The HOSA Emblem
The circle represents the continuity of health care
The triangle represents social, physical and mental well-being
The hands signify the caring of each HOSA member

Colors of HOSA Emblem
Background of outer circle-maroon
Letters in circle - medical white
Triangle - navy blue
Hands, figure, HOSA in triangle - medical white
Area around triangle - medical white
Founded in 1976 - navy blue

Local Chapters
Local HOSA members make up the local chapter.
The Health Occupations instructor serves as the HOSA chapter advisor.
Chapter members elect officers.
Chapter members participate in school, community, regional, state and national activities.

State Associations
State Officers lead State Associations.
State HOSA Advisor(s) represent the sponsoring agency and advise State Officers.
Chapter members participate in state projects and activities.
States select national voting delegates.

National Level
Endorsed by the
U.S. Department of Education.
Local members affiliate with State and National HOSA.
HOSA, Inc. is the legal entity of HOSA.
Each state has a representative on the legal body, HOSA, Inc.
National Headquarters is based in Flower Mound, Texas (Dallas).
National Officers comprise the National Executive Council.

HOSA is . . .
A national Career and Technical Student Organization that exclusively serves Health Occupations Education.
An integral part of the Health Occupations program.

HOSA Develops . . .
Leadership and Team Building Skills.

HOSA Encourages . . .
Civic and Social Responsibility.

HOSA Provides a . . .
National Competitive Events Program
Health Care Specific

The HOSA Motto
“The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow”

HOSA’s Tagline
“HOE and HOSA -
A Healthy Partnership”

HOSA is . . .
100% Health Care!

HOSA 100% Affiliation
When all Health Occupations Education students in a program affiliate with HOSA at the local, state and national level—— the chapter receives a certificate and is listed as 100% HOSA in the HOSA Magazine.

HOSA 100 Club
Those chapters that submit their paid affiliation fee by October 15 will be recognized as part of HOSA 100 Club in the HOSA Magazine.  Chapters receive a special certificate.

What Do HOSA Chapters Do?
Chapters develop a Program of Work - a written outline of activities a local HOSA chapter plans to accomplish during the year.
The Program of Work involves members in a variety of experiences designed to meet their needs, as well as the needs of the organization, school and community.

Professional Activities
Field Trips
Guest Speakers
Employer Functions
Alumni Activities
Career Day or Career Fairs

Community Service Activities
Red Cross Bloodmobile
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Food Baskets for Needy Families
Make-a-Wish Foundation

Social Activities
Get-acquainted picnic
Monthly birthday celebration
Reception for capping/pinning
Collaborative activity with other career and technical student organizations (CTSO’s)

Fund-Raising Activities
Sales projects
Car washes
Garage sales

For More Information about HOSA–
Contact your State HOSA Advisor.
Visit HOSA’s web site at
Call National HOSA at