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  Module Two: HOSA Chapter Management  
Establishing a HOSA Chapter
    For the "new" Health Occupations Education teacher, the management of a HOSA chapter may seem overwhelming. Taking one step at a time and empowering students to be a part of those steps will help the Health Occupations teacher become an effective HOSA Advisor.    
  Please review the entire chapter affiliation process before you continue. (It comes via U.S. Mail in an "Affiliation Packet" from HOSA Headquarters.) If you have questions about any aspect of the process, please contact the HOSA Headquarters at its toll-free number: (800) 321-HOSA. The preferred method of affiliating is via the web at www.hosa.org. For information on web affiliation, visit http://www.hosa.org/advisor/local/ChapterAdvisorInternetServices.html  
  Step #1 Secure a copy of the following materials to affiliate your HOE program with HOSA:
      a. Chapter Affiliation Application - contact HOSA Headquarters if additional applications are needed for multiple chapters or supplemental memberships.
      b. HOSA HANDBOOK - available from HOSA Headquarters.
  Step #2 Contact your state advisor and indicate your interest in affiliating your school/college and students with the state association and national organization. The state advisor is an excellent source of information regarding state and national activities, projects, meetings and services available to chapter advisors and members. The State Advisor should have records of charter numbers and passwords for established HOSA chapters.  
  Step #3 Decide which method you will use to organize one or more HOSA chapters:  
      a. Classroom-based chapter. A HOSA chapter is formed for each HOE class of five (5) or more students. This is a preferred method in institutions where students are unable to meet together regularly. For example, a career (vocational) center might offer an HOE program in the morning, afternoon and evening. The instructor could organize multiple chapters that will conduct their business meetings and activities independent of each other: HOSA Chapter #1 (a.m.); HOSA Chapter #2 (afternoon); and HOSA Chapter #3 (evening-adult). Each chapter elects an officer team and develops its program of work. For large projects, chapters can collaborate. Business meetings and programs can be held during class time since HOSA is "curricular" and not "extracurricular."
      b. Instructor-based chapter. A chapter is formed by one HOE instructor for all students enrolled in his/her classes. While chapter meetings with all students may be difficult to schedule, individual classes can form in-class committees to plan and organize projects and activities. Each class can elect a vice president (class representative) that serves on a HOSA Chapter Council, the steering committee for the chapter.
      c. School-based chapter. A single chapter is formed for all students in all classes regardless of the number of teachers. This is probably the least effective method due to large numbers and the difficulty in integrating HOSA totally into the curriculum. A HOSA chapter is a "leadership laboratory" not a "club." Unless all students are actively involved and able to practice and refine their leadership skills through chapter activities, the benefits of the HOE-HOSA Partnership are not fully realized. If this method is adopted, every effort must be made to get 100% active involvement by all students and HOE instructors.
  Step #4 Contact local school/college officials (e.g. activity directors, Dean of Student Activities) and make certain all information that officially establishes the HOSA chapter is properly submitted and on file. (A sample constitution for a HOSA chapter is available in the HOSA HANDBOOK.)  
  Step #5 Review the instructions for completing the Chapter Affiliation Application on the backside of the pink copy of the form or at www.hosa.org. Please give special attention to the following guidelines:
      a.    Affiliation fees for all fall semester students must be received by HOSA on or before January 1 of the membership year. Affiliation fee information can be obtained from your state advisor and are listed in the National affiliation packet.
      b.     Affiliation fees for students who enroll after January 1 must be received by HOSA on or before March 1 of that same year.
      c.     Students who do not affiliate by the appropriate date shall be ineligible to participate in the HOSA Competitive Events Program or seek national office.
      d.    National competitors must be affiliated with the national organization prior to their state conference to be eligible for participation at the National Leadership Conference.
      e.    All state members are to be affiliated with National HOSA.
      f.   Do not mix divisions on one application. If you serve more than one division (secondary and postsecondary/collegiate), ask for additional applications.
      g.    Each chapter must have at least one dues-paying advisor. List the chapter advisor as a professional member.
      h.     Chapters may pay their total fees by check or purchase order. HOSA will bill the school or chapter. Payment must be received within 30 days of the stated deadlines (January 1 and March 1) to remain in good standing.
      i.     Affiliation fees for postsecondary/collegiate students who enroll in a program after January 1 must be received by National HOSA on or before March 1. These students are members until December 31 of that year.
      j.     If your chapter was previously affiliated, make certain to apply the peel-off address label from your envelope to the affiliation application. In doing so, it will be much easier for HOSA to track membership services for your chapter. If the peel-off address label is not provided but your chapter was affiliated in good standing, please indicate your correct national charter number on the affiliation application to expedite the processing of your application.  
  Step #6 Solicit membership fees from all HOE students or hold a fund-raising project to pay the affiliation fees for all members and advisors. Special recognition is given to 100% chapters in the HOSA MAGAZINE. If you are a 100% chapter, you will receive a recognition certificate along with your membership cards.  
  Step #7 Submit the initial application promptly to avoid deadline conflicts. Be among the first one hundred chapters that submit chapter applications to HOSA and you'll receive a certificate as a HOSA-100 Club Chapter. HOSA-100 Club Chapters are also recognized in the Spring issue of HOSA MAGAZINE.  
  Step #8 Submit supplemental applications when students enroll in the HOE program. Supplemental applications are accepted until March 1.
Please be aware that substitutions are not allowed. Membership cards cannot be transferred to other students once they are issued.
  Step #9 Get students actively involved in local, state and national activities through attendance at:
      a.     Local chapter meetings.  
      b.      Local committee meetings.  
      c.      District or state officer training meetings (if available).  
      d.      State Leadership Conference (review the competitive events and workshops in which members can participate).  
      e.      National Leadership Conference (held in June each year).  
  Step #10 Develop a meaningful program of work that includes the following types of activities:
      a. Leadership development.  
      b. Community service.  
      c. Social and recreational activities.  
      d. Professional development.  
  Step #11 Adopt a budget and identify fund-raising projects that can generate sufficient revenue to support the student-developed program of work.  
  Step #12 Receive the chapter affiliation packet from HOSA Headquarters that includes:
      a. Current membership cards.  
      b. 100% Affiliation Certificate (if qualified).  
      c. HOSA-100 Club Certificate (if qualified).  
      d. Assorted materials and other mailings.  
  Step #13 Prepare students to participate in the HOSA Competitive Events Program. Contact the state advisor for dates for district, state and national competition.  
  Step #14 Hold fundraising projects to sponsor all students who qualify to attend the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in June. Funds permitting, at least one student should apply to attend the NLC Leadership Academy, held in conjunction with the NLC Competitive Events Program. The Leadership Academy will be an excellent training program for students who will return and be chapter leaders in the next school year.  
  Step #15 Develop, practice and refine leadership skills in the HOSA chapter.  
  Step #16 Hold chapter meetings in the summer for next year's members and alumni to maintain momentum and enthusiasm for the next year.  
  Step #17 Receive the initial chapter affiliation application in early September and begin the process of leadership development again with you HOE students. Contact HOSA Headquarters if you do not receive the Chapter Affiliation Application by mid-September.  
Visit National HOSA on the Internet at www.hosa.org.
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