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  Module Two: HOSA Chapter Management  
  Try these recruitment strategies to "get the word out" about HOSA!
  Appoint a membership committee! The membership committee should meet regularly to plan recruitment efforts. Some of the best ideas come from current members themselves who know why they decided to get involved with HOSA.
  Set membership goals! Make your goals realistic, and then plan how to achieve them.
  Follow your plan! Put details in writing, and evaluate your progress on a regular basis.  
    Benefits Brainstorm        
  Ask a group of HOSA members "What are the benefits of HOSA membership?" List all the benefits of membership that your members can identify. This list can be used in developing a presentation about HOSA, or any kind of visual display.  
  "Top Ten List" Poster  
This Letterman take-off is easy to recognize and a real attention getter. Take the top ten reasons to join HOSA and design a recruitment poster, put them on the morning announcements, etc.
Student Art Poster
Is there someone in your HOSA chapter who draws? Ask that person to draw a black and white (pen and ink?) picture of HOSA members winning awards at a conference, working with the health care community, or just having fun. Have the picture enlarged to poster size to hang up around school as a recruitment tool. Original drawings are creative and a real attention getter!
EZ Membership
Make joining HOSA quick and easy. Don't require lots of paperwork to fill out and a rigid member obligation structure. Let the quality of your HOSA chapter speak for itself! Rather than force involvement, make your chapter activities so worthwhile and fun that everyone will want to be a part. While every member pays dues, there are ways to make it easier. Could your chapter allow members in need to pay on an installment plan? Would someone in your local healthcare community pay the dues of members with financial need?
New Member Services
Do something special for new HOSA members - an initiation, a certificate, or a dinner? Make them feel appreciated?
Membership Table
Set up a HOSA Information table at sporting events, Open House, or in the lobby of your school. If you have a brochure or other printed HOSA materials, share them.
Medical Attention
Whether you're visiting a classroom of potential members or sitting at an information table, get medical attention! No, not because you're sick, but because you have tools to attract attention.
For example, ask permission to bring your classroom's skeleton to your membership table. That can get attention - and that's just the beginning. You can travel by stretcher, dress up in first aid moulage, or wrap someone up from head to toe in bandages ("Get Wrapped Up in HOSA!") Use your career focus to get attention!
One of the best ways to recruit new members is through existing and alumni members. Come up with an incentive plan for recruitment, and let everyone in your chapter work at getting the word out about HOSA. Incentives could include a give-away T-shirt, HOSA pens or pencils, etc.
School Newspaper
Plan to be a part of the first issue of your school newspaper. Write an article about participation in the past summer's National Leadership Conference, or on plans for the coming year. If possible, put in an advertisement with eye-catching graphics.
Sponsor an Event
Sponsor some fun activity and invite anyone interested in a health career to participate. The activity could be:
* A party or dance.
* Going to a movie, seminar or workshop.
* A concession stand at a school event.
Wear HOSA!
That's right! Get everyone in your chapter to wear their local or National Leadership Conference (NLC) HOSA T-shirt to school on the same day. When lots of students dress alike, they get attention - And when everyone asks about your T-shirt, tell them the benefits of belonging to HOSA!
P.S. HOSA Advisors - you can wear HOSA too!
Promotional Videos
HOSA has a series of recruitment and informational videos that can be shown when visiting classrooms or civic organizations that illustrate the benefits and importance of membership in HOSA.
Get the idea? Now, get creative!
HOSA Creative recruitment is everybody's business!
  1. Form a partnership with the local health care community and jointly market HOSA. Remember, health care facilities usually have a marketing person or a Director of Human Resources.  
  2. Conduct a state contest to design a partnership logo  
  3. Develop and distribute brochures about the Health Occupations program and HOSA - jointly developed by the partnership.  
  4. Use posters and brochures to promote HOSA in malls, banks, and the health care community.  
  5. Develop and share a presentation about HOSA at a Parent-Teacher Organization meeting or to other community groups.  
  6. Keep your HOSA chapter visible in school activities and keep the HOSA name out there!  
  7. Recognize a different student or teacher at the high school or community college each month and cite something important he/she has done for the community.  
  8. Share competitive event presentations such as Community Awareness, Prepared Speaking, etc. with the local Board of Education.  
  9. Adopt an eighth or ninth grade class for the year. Promote wellness, HOSA and health careers to them.  
  10. Participate in community activities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children's Miracle Network, or any other health care-related activity that students would want to get involved in.  
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