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  Module Two: HOSA Chapter Management  
HOSA Top Ten List
  Number ten HOSA members should visit the HOSA web site or read the HOSA Handbook to identify the many opportunities that are available for learning, being of service to others, applying classroom learning to HOSA projects, and developing a network of health care providers that eventually will be the very persons that will offer employment opportunities to many of the chapter members.  
  Number nine Conduct a launch meeting at the beginning of next year and set some ambitious goals that all chapter members will support. How many community service projects will be sponsored by the chapter? How many chapter meetings will be held? How many members will enter competitions at the area conference? How many members will qualify for state competitions? How many members will qualify for national competitions?  
  number eight Identify fundraising projects that will get everyone involved and have some fun! The goals are much easier to accomplish with money in the treasury. Don't forget to approach health care providers to sponsor members and/or the chapter in career development opportunities like community service projects and competitions.  
  number seven Raise the visibility of the chapter in the school and throughout the community. Members will be proud to associate with such an active, relevant, career-oriented and fun-filled student organization, like HOSA.  
  number six When members are not taking part in chapter activities, then, meet with them and determine what can be done to get them more involved. The greater the involvement, the more dynamic the chapter.  
  number five Work closely with your chapter advisor and design a program of work for the year that is well-planned and strategic -- helps everyone accomplish their personal and chapter goals.  
  number four Encourage representatives of the health care community to get involved with classroom and chapter projects. The greater the involvement, the more dynamic the chapter.  
  number three Plan chapter meetings. Chapter meetings should be well planned, well executed, and results oriented. Before holding a meeting, the officers should consult with members to determine what business should be transacted, objectives to be accomplished, what information would be helpful to all chapter members, and encourage all members to take part (verbally) in the meeting in some way.  
  number two Make certain that all members have a job to do as a HOSA chapter member -- serve as an officer, committee chair, committee member, volunteer for various projects, fund raiser, etc. Give "ownership" to "all" the members and your chapter will be a huge success for everyone -- personally, organizationally, and professionally. The HOSA chapter must belong to the members. And, you are very fortunate for the HOE instructor to be the HOSA Advisor. That assures the students and the health care community that the HOSA activities are truly integrated into the overall HOE program at the school.  
  number one Stay focused on HOSA's mission and help each member achieve their personal and career goals. HOSA should be an enhancement of the HOE classroom in preparing HOE students/HOSA members for a rewarding and successful career in health care.  
  And, remember that members will be much more committed to their HOSA chapter if they "own" it. Find ways to give the ownership to "all" the members and you'll be amazed at the enthusiasm and level of involvement. And, of course, make it relevant to their career development as well as "fun!"  
  - By Dr. Jim Koeninger, Executive Director, National HOSA  
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