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Category II

Assignment #1 – Skill Chart

  • Category II events include a variety of skill procedures. In this activity, you will be comparing the skills in HOSA Category II events to those you teach in your classroom.
  • Obtain a copy of the Category II Skill Chart.
  • In the “Class” columns, identify the courses you teach.
  • Complete the chart by checking those skills that are taught in each class.
  • Post the completed chart in your classroom where students can see the connection between HOSA and the classroom.

Assignment #2 - Practicing Skills

  • Select a HOSA skill checklist from the event guidelines as a skill rubric for instruction in classroom skills.
  • Have students practice the skill using the selected skill checklist.
  • Allow fellow students to serve as the judges in rating the student on the skill (2-3 judges per skill). It is often a good learning experience to allow students to chance to see how it feels to “judge.”
  • Debrief the activity:
    • How many students earned “perfect” skill scores? How did that feel?
    • For those who didn’t earn “perfect” scores, why didn’t they? What would it take to get a perfect score?
    • Did all the judges who judged a skill end up with the same rating? Can you explain why? Or why not?
    • Did the student performing the skill think he/she earned a better score than actually achieved? What does that tell us?
    • Have students read “Your Ticket to Orlando .” Do they agree with the article? Why or why not?

Assignment #3 – Clinical Specialty

  • In this assignment you will be using the Clinical Specialty event guidelines as a career exploration project.
  • Give students a copy of the Clinical Specialty guidelines and a copy of the article “Clinical Specialty” from the HOSA e-Magazine.
  • Instruct students to follow the rules outlined in the guidelines, with the exception of the career choice. For this assignment, students should either choose the health career they plan to pursue, or a career they wish to know more about.
  • Note: If students wish to use this project for future HOSA competition, they would need to assure that the career choice does fall within the guidelines.
  • Provide class time for independent research on this project. Provide direction and encouragement.
  • Depending on the time available and classroom circumstances, the teacher may wish to eliminate the skill portion of the assignment.
  • Bring in community health professionals to “judge” the final product. Involving parents and school administrators can also provide positive publicity for your program. Don’t hesitate to invite your local newspapers. They like to write about innovative learning activities in schools.
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