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Category III

Assignment #1 – Extemporaneous Health Poster (EHP)

  • Integrate Extemporaneous Health Poster into classroom instruction.
  • Approximately 1-2 weeks before a new unit is to begin, give each student a topic related to the unit content to be covered.
  • Give students a copy of the EHP rating sheet. Explain that a poster is to be created for the assigned topic. Each student should use the course textbook or other course resources as references in developing the poster.
  • Posters are due the day the new unit begins. In logical order, each student should stand and explain his or her poster – the topic and content details.
  • The teacher should fill in the blanks of any necessary content not covered during the presentations.
  • Class members should take notes during the different presentations.
  • Posters should be posted in the classroom.

Assignment #2 - Speaking

  • Integrate either Extemporaneous Speaking, Prepared Speaking, or Researched Persuasive Speaking into classroom instruction.
  • Determine what event (process) you will use and for what content.
  • Write out the process you will use. Give students a copy of the process and rating sheet.
  • Be sure to develop a process that makes good use of class time and requires students to THINK! For example, rather than assign organs in the digestive system and have students talk about the facts, have them write a speech such as “Why it’s so bad if you lose your liver.” Or something creative.

Assignment #3 – Extemporaneous Writing (EW)

  • Integrate Extemporaneous Writing into classroom instruction.
  • Give students a copy of the EW rating sheet and an essay topic.
  • Have students write their first draft, and then schedule a day in the Internet lab. Students should use the time to review Internet resources that provide instruction on writing an essay, and let them revise their essays using what they learned doing their Internet research.
  • Note to teacher: Students typically write LOTS of papers in college. You can help them to create a tremendously good essay by teaching them how to write and rewrite a good essay.

Assignment #4 – Job Seeking Skills

  • Integrate Job Seeking Skills into classroom instruction.
  • This event works well as the culmination of a job seeking skills unit.
  • Another option would be to “role play” interviews or resumes to reinforce learning in a “Health Careers” unit or when studying historical figures in health care.
  • Be sure to let students know the process you will be using. Give students the rating sheet or tell them where to find the rating sheet on HOSA’s website.


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