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The Keys to Successful Partnerships - Module Two


Assignment #1 – A Local Medical Office Partnership

  • Considering what you have covered in this module, state in your own words how would you answer the question:  Why should a local medical office partner with your HOSA chapter? 
  • Use a word processor to create a response, no more than one page in length.

Assignment #2 – What Your HOSA Chapter Has to Offer

  • Complete the assignment “What Your HOSA Chapter Has to Offer” in Attachment 2-1 by analyzing and rating the suggested things your HOSA chapter has to offer, and then adding three of your own. (Attachment 2-1: DOC, PDF)

Assignment #3 – Brainstorming

  • Conduct a brainstorming session with your HOSA chapter officers to determine what your chapter needs.  After 15 minutes of listing ideas (general and specific) narrow down the list to the top 10 things your chapter needs.

Assignment #4 – Create a Chapter Wish List

  • Using Attachment 2-2, create a chapter wish list using the needs identified in your brainstorming session.  Once you identify chapter needs, determine which potential partner(s) might be able to meet that need. (Attachment 2-2: DOC, PDF)

Assignment #5 – Create a Chapter Budget

  • Use Attachment 2-3 to prepare a chapter budget.  The budget will help you know specifically what your needs are when working with partners. (Attachment 2-3: DOC, PDF)

Assignment #6 – PowerPoint Presentation

  • PowerPoint – Download a copy of the HOSA PowerPoint “Introducing HOSA – Healthy Partnerships” from the HOSA website and redesign the PowerPoint to reflect your local chapter.  Your purpose will be to create a PowerPoint presentation that you can use to promote partnerships in your local community with your HOSA chapter. 
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