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Taking the Right Approach - Module Three


Assignment #1 – Business Card

  • Review the information on Partnership Tools.  Do you have a business card? 
    • Yes
    • No*
  • If you answered no, then you will need to design and order business cards. Use the template design in this module or create one of your own.

Assignment #2 - Practicing Skills

  • Create a “leave-behind” packet.  Create a list of the contents of your packet using your word processor.

Assignment #3 – Newsletter

  • Facilitate the development of a chapter newsletter.

    • Use the HOSA Chapter Newsletter rating sheet (DOC) and evaluate the newsletter to give feedback to HOSA members.
    • Allow members to improve the newsletter, then use it for communicating with current and potential partners.
    • Submit the newsletter to National HOSA for the Chapter Newsletter competitive event.

Assignment #4 - Putting the Pieces Together

  • You are going to complete the chart “Putting the Pieces Together” as a tool in analyze existing partnerships and to begin new ones.  When your chart is complete, you will have identified 3 partnerships to add to your Partnership Development Plan.

Step #1 –  Go back to the chart you created in attachment 1-1 Self Assessment: Existing Chapter Partnerships.  Transfer the information to this new chart.  (In other words, write the name of the organization in the appropriate box.)  If you run out of boxes, select the partnerships that are most important to the success of your chapter, and list those.  Do not add extra boxes.

Step #2 – Obtain a copy of your HOSA Wish List from attachment 2-2.  Look at Need #1.  Under the “potential partner” column, is that partner a current partner listed on your “Putting the Pieces Together Chart?”  If yes, circle it on the “Pieces” chart.  If no, write that potential partner in the proper box under Exploring in the “Pieces” chart.

Step #3 – Repeat the above process with need #2. 

Step #4 – Do you have at least one (1) partner in the Exploring column?  If not, you will need to review your needs, select a potential partner that is not already on attachment 3-2 (DOC) , and add that partner to the “Pieces” chart in the Exploring column.

If you did have at least one partner in the Exploring column, then repeat the process in Step #2 for need #3 on your wish list. 

When you finish, you should have 2 or 3 existing partners circled, and at least one potential partner in the exploring column.   Circle all the partners in the exploring column.

You’re almost done.  Do you have three (3) circles on your “Pieces” chart?  If yes, are you comfortable with your selections? These will be the partners you approach.

If you are not comfortable with your selections, you will certainly want to use your best judgment to make adjustments.  AND, if all three are new partners, you may want to back off a little and just work on two. 

Once you have put the pieces together, you can move to the next activity and write your Partnership Development Plan.

Assignment #5 - Partnership Development Plan

  • Now is the time to take everything you have learned so far and put it to work!
  • Read the Partnership Development Plan information in this module, and then use the form in attachment 3-3 (DOC) to help you plan and implement a partnership meeting.
  • To fully complete this assignment you will need to complete three (3) Partnership Development Plans, based on the results of your “Putting the Pieces Together.”
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