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Successful Collaborative Activities Within Partnerships - Module Four


Assignment #1 – Review Service Learning Information

  • Review the information on service learning.
  • Describe a HOSA chapter community service activity that you are going to turn into a service learning opportunity for HOSA members.
  • Use a word processor to create a response, no more than one
    page in length.

Assignment #2 - Review Golf Tournament Packet

  • Go to the HOSA website and review the HOSA Golf Tournament packet.  Golf Tournament Guide
  • After your review, list the pros and cons of pursing this fundraising idea. Create document with word processor.

Assignment #3 – Review Information

  • Review the information on the Medical Reserve Corps, particularly the partnership opportunities section and the talking points document.

Assignment #4 – Make Appointment

  • Make an appointment with your local Medical Reserve Corps Director.
  • Make note of your MRC Director's name and contact info.
  • Make note of the Appointment Date and Time
  • Complete the Report Form in Attachment 4-1 (PDF) and fax it to National HOSA.
  • Sample Letter

Assignment #5 – HOSA Parent Survey

  • Make copies of the HOSA Parent Survey (DOC) and send one copy home with each HOSA chapter member.
  • Give HOSA members a deadline to return the form. Record:
    • Number distributed
    • Number returned 
    • Return percentage
    • Percentage of members with 1 or more parents working in health care
  • Once you compile the results of your survey, send a follow-up thank you to parents who volunteered to help, and let them know they will be contacted as activities are planned. 
  • If four or more parents volunteered to work with the HOSA Booster Club, arrange a meeting with those parents and help them get organized.  Once the booster club process begins, the chapter advisor is usually not actively involved in most booster activities.
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