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Ever wonder how the “topics” are selected for events at the state and national levels?
Well, we need your help!
We Need YOUR Input!
Please submit your ideas to Bergen Morehouse at
consideration. Thank you!
Parliamentary Procedure
, we need 5 motions. What are your “favorite”
motions that you want to see at the state and national level? The secret
problem always has a sample motion to use in competition. What is a great
sample motion that we could use?
We are looking for great interview questions to use in the
following events:
Interviewing Skills
Job Seeking Skills
Do you have a favorite question, one that you always hope
you will get asked in an interview? Send them our way!
We are looking for topic ideas for the following events:
Extemporaneous Writing
Extemporaneous Health Poster
Creative Problem Solving
What kind of topics would you want to write an essay about, make a poster
about, or work with your team to find a solution to? Of course, they need to be
healthcare and/or HOSA related!
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