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National Leadership Conference
Dallas, TX
June 18-21, 2008

2008 Daily Updates

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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Over 5,700 HOSA delegates, guests and judges converged on the city of Dallas, Texas to celebrate the 31st annual National Leadership Conference. Dallas offers an exciting place to celebrate the growth and greatness of HOSA over the past 31 years.

The day began with excitement and bustle. Local advisors received their registration information this morning, allowing students to finally see their name on an official HOSA badge, as well as check out this year’s fantastic conference program books.

Planning, planning and more planning continued with competitive events. State advisors returned those final lists with competitors’ names and events. Now…let the competition begin!

The nominating committee began national officer interviews at 8 a.m. The candidates running for the 2008-2009 National Executive Council are:  

Secondary Division
Jonathan Daniel Howard Campbell (AL)
James Jonathan Hill (AL)
Maribel Hermosillo (CA)
Miguel A. Doroteo (FL)
Danielle O'Neal (IN)
Megan Granderson (IN)
Megan Nance (KS)
Jennifer Kathleen Suleiman (NE)
Seiichi Villalona (NJ)
Victoria Anne Hollingsworth (NC)
Kelly Howard (OH)
Michael Brode (SC)
Kristy Moore (TN)
Anthony Barnett (TX)
Dhruv Mahtta (WI)

Postsecondary/Collegiate Division
Jan C. Rodriguez (FL)
Andrew McLaurin (FL)
Jeremy Beane (NC)

“Coffee Talk,” an informal discussion session for new advisors, was a big success. It was a great way to answer their questions as well as alleviate some of the newcomers’ concern. An afternoon session for the more experienced local and state advisors was also held. Conference information was discussed and questions were answered.

HOSA is excited to welcome nearly 40 exhibitors to this year’s NLC. Exhibitors include, Applied Technologies, Health Professions Network, Autism Speaks, Pocket Nurse, U.S. Army ROTC and many more! With the help of many of these exhibitors, HOSA delegates are able to obtain more information about their future in healthcare.

The first official on-site competition at the 2008 NLC began with competitors taking the Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Issues Exam. Kaiser Permanente awards a scholarship to the first place secondary and postsecondary winners, which will be recognized during the Recognition Session on Friday evening. The exam is a great way for students to keep abreast of current events in the healthcare industry. HOSA is most appreciative to Kaiser Permanente for providing students with this opportunity. 

Anxious students and nervous advisors were seen throughout the afternoon as students began round one of various competitive events, such as HOSA Bowl, Medical Reading, Creative Problem Solving and Parliamentary Procedure. These orientations and testing sessions were also held later in the afternoon.

Two elite groups of delegates that hold important roles during the conference are the Voting Delegates and Courtesy Corps members. Voting Delegates spent part of the afternoon in orientation while Courtesy Corps members practiced for opening session and then received their assignments for the remainder of the conference. HOSA is very thankful to both of these groups for all they do throughout the week to ensure the success of this year’s NLC.

Congressional Delegation and Briefing

The Congressional Delegation of HOSA is a bipartisan body of members of Congress who embrace HOSA’s mission and service to the community.  Members of Congress joining the HOSA Congressional Delegation are making an investment in the future of healthcare.

HOSA is honored to have the following Congressional Offices represented at this year's Congressional Briefing:

Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson
Representative Pete Sessions
Representative Michael Burgess
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Senator John Cornyn

Whether it’s your first or your 31st NLC, there is always excitement and anticipation for the Opening General Session. This year was no exception! The 6,300-seat Convention Center Arena was charged with energy as delegates from across the nation showed their spirit with HOSA cheers and crowd-pumping chants. It was truly a sight to be seen and the thrill of the National Leadership Conference spread quickly.

Opening General Session

The entire audience was appropriately welcomed to the Lone Star State with the Lonestar Attitude Show. The band-style performance featured songs by noted Texas artists like Roy Orbison and Don Henley.

The 2007-2008 National Executive Council was introduced and Heather Coggins, National HOSA President, declared the 2008 National Leadership Conference in session. Each state was represented through a parade of flags followed by the singing of our National Anthem, performed by Steven Gough, Lacie Gudde, Kaylee Hall and Robbie Queen of Parsons Health Science Academy in Kansas. 

Texas HOSA President, Stephanie Philip, graciously welcomed the 5,700 delegates to Dallas and truly displayed the enthusiasm Texans are known for. 

Opening General Session Highlights:

Following the introduction, VIPs from across the nation were recognized at the opening session:

Rear Admiral Epifanio Elizondo, PhD, PA-C, U.S. Public Health Service

HOSA is extremely honored to have had Rear Admiral Epifanio Elizondo PhD, PA-C, from the U.S. Public Health Service in attendance at this year's Opening General Session. As Regional Health Administrator in Region VI, Rear Admiral Elizondo serves as the senior federal public health official and scientist in the region. He performs essential functions for the Department of Health and Human Services in prevention, preparedness and agency-wide coordination.

Medical Reserve Corps – Captain Robert J. Tosatto, R.Ph., M.P.H., M.B.A., U.S.
Public Health Service Director, Office of the U.S. Surgeon General

HOSA is honored to continue our partnership with the Medical Reserve Corps Program, (MRC) and this year with us from the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General is Captain Robert J. Tosatto.  Captain Tosatto serves as Director of the MRC and is responsible for overseeing the establishment, implementation and coordination of the MRC units in communities nationwide.

Scott Hess, Education Program Specialist, U.S. Department of Education

Scott Hess is with us this year representing the U.S. Department of Education where he is Director of the Discretionary Programs and Innovation Group in the Division of High School, Post Secondary and Career Education.  Mr. Hess was the project lead for the Career Cluster projects at the Department and is currently the lead for the College and Career Transitions initiative.

Karen Batchelor, Texas Education Agency

HOSA was warmly welcomed to the Great State of Texas by Karen Batchelor. Ms. Batchelor is State Director for Career and Technical Education for the Texas Education Agency.

The following former National Officer was recognized for their attendance at this year’s NLC: Sarah Sexton

Honorary Life Membership, HOSA’s highest honor, was presented to one outstanding individual: Becky Davis, Immediate Past Chair, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors and State Supervisor, West Virginia HOSA
New State Associations Welcomed

HOSA welcomes the following state to HOSA:

State of Alaska led by K.P. Targe, State HOSA Advisor. Award accepted by Brenda Probasco on behalf of Alaska HOSA.


The following state associations were recognized for increased membership in the 2007-2008 affiliation year:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington

Special Recognition:

New State Associations Membership Growth
Ohio HOSA achieved an outstanding 306% membership gain.
New Mexico HOSA had a 290% membership gain.
Nevada HOSA obtained a 132% increase.    

State Association Membership Growth
Maryland HOSA achieved an impressive 84% membership increase.
Hawaii HOSA had a 42% membership increase.
Georgia HOSA had a 36% membership gain.
South Carolina HOSA obtained a 27% increase.
Michigan HOSA had a 20% membership gain.

Texas was recognized as having the largest state association with 15,642 members—a 9.2% membership increase—and for bringing the largest delegation to the NLC.  Thanks, Texas!

Largest Postsecondary Chapter – Meridian Community College in Mississippi
Largest Secondary Chapter – Smithfield-Selma High School in North Carolina

Scholarship Recognition
HOSA state associations and National HOSA awarded over $399,550 in scholarships for the 2007-2008 membership year!  At this year’s NLC, 46 scholarships were presented to award recipients totaling $53,500.

Congratulations to all Scholarship Recipients present at the 2008 HOSA National Leadership Conference:

National HOSA
Representing HOSA:  Kristen Davidson

  • Tiffany Crenwelge, Texas
  • Miriam Garcia, Texas
  • Jessica Sagers, Utah
  • Matthew McClafferty, Virginia

Phillip R. Patton/HCA
Representing HCA:  Steve Melton

  • Gilvonna Yazzie, Arizona
  • Erin Kay Brugger, Michigan
  • Ashley Graham-Perel, New York
  • Stephanie Light, Texas
  • Damaris Sifuentes, Texas

Health Professions Network
Representing Health Professions Network:  Rebecca Smith

  • Derek Carver, North Carolina

Association for Career and Technical Education
Representing Association for Career and Technical Education:  Lara Skaggs

  • Cameron Chafin, West Virginia
  • Damaris Sifuentes, Texas
  • Michael Parris, Michigan

Delmar Cengage Learning
Representing Delmar Cengage Learning:  Matt Seeley

  • Kathy Nguyen, Texas

National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education
Representing National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education:  Nancy Allen

  • Denise Johnson, Texas

Nursing Spectrum
Representing Nursing Spectrum:  Donna Novak

  • Emily Bell, Michigan
  • Evan Henegar, Alabama
  • LeAnnaGrace Mullet, South Carolina
  • Rachel Vogler, North Carolina

National Technical Honor Society
Representing NTHS:  Patricia Poteat

  • Ruby Horton, Oklahoma
  • Michelle Jordan, Pennsylvania


  • Freddie Williams Junior, Tennessee

HOSA would also like to thank St. George Greek Orthodox Monastery and Applied Technologies for their scholarship contributions.

For a complete list of the 2008 scholarship winners that includes those not in attendance at this year’s NLC, please visit

Wednesday’s opening session motivated HOSA members to accomplish their goals and take advantage of all the NLC has to offer. It was a great way to begin HOSA’s 31st annual National Leadership Conference and spread the HOSA fever!

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