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National Leadership Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
June 18-21, 2003

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
HOSA's Salute to America!
National President Joel Arvizo sang "I'm Proud to be an American!"

Daily Update

The first day of the 26th Annual National Leadership Conference welcomed nearly 5,000 HOSA members, advisors, family, guests, VIPs, and healthcare industry partners to Atlanta, Georgia. Even the rain that fell most of the day did not dampen the delegates' enthusiasm. HOSA provided shuttle buses between the three (3) hotels (Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton Towers) and the Civic Center for the Opening General Session.

The general session began with a tribute to America featuring the 94th U.S. Army Forces Command Color Guard and National President, Joel Arvizo, who sang, "I'm Proud to be an American". The tribute was concluded with a spectacular laser and indoor fireworks show.

HOSA members were welcomed by the HOSA National Executive Council, a team of extraordinary student leaders, who promised delegates four days of:

  • Career enhancing educational workshops
  • Opportunities to demonstrate health care knowledge and skills
  • Georgia HOSA was presented the Host State Award. L-R: National President-Elect Adam Prim, Georgia HOSA State President Tran Nguyen, Georgia HOSA State Advisor Regina St. George, and Secondary Board Representative Nathan Rudder.

    Recognition as a recipient of a National Competitive Events Program Award
  • Networking with HOSA members and advisors from across the Nation
  • Enthusiasm for the health care industry
  • Demonstrating the commitment of HOSA members in pursuit of a career in the health professions
  • Interacting with VIPs from the health care industry
  • Intensifying the pride of HOSA members
  • New and exciting learning experiences

Touring and taking advantages of Atlanta attractions The Host State Welcomes were given by:

  • Tran Nguyen, Georgia HOSA State President
  • Jimmy Hogg, Georgia Director of Technology and Career Education

Membership is the lifeblood of an organization. HOSA achieved a membership milestone in 2002-03 by affiliating more than 70,000 members and advisors with the national organization. Each year, HOSA recognizes the contributions that states and chapters are making to grow the organization. The health care shortage is extreme and HOSA is doing its part to attract qualified students to the Health Science/Health Occupations Programs.

HOSA State Associations presented awards for Membership Increases included:

  • Idaho HOSA
  • Kansas HOSA
  • Kentucky HOSA
  • Nebraska HOSA
  • New Hampshire HOSA
  • New Jersey HOSA
  • New York HOSA
  • North Carolina HOSA
  • Oklahoma HOSA
  • Pennsylvania HOSA
  • South Carolina HOSA
  • Tennessee HOSA
  • Texas HOSA
  • Wisconsin HOSA

Awards for the Largest Membership Increases by a HOSA State Association were presented to:

  1. Georgia HOSA - 42%
  2. Missouri HOSA - 26%
  3. West Virginia HOSA - 24%
  4. Puerto Rico HOSA - 23%
  5. Maine HOSA - 22%
  6. Indiana HOSA - 21%

The Largest HOSA State Association was Texas HOSA with 11,967 members.

The Largest HOSA Chapters were:

  • Secondary HOSA Chapter: Hillcrest High School HOSA (NY) with 273 members
  • Postsecondary/Collegiate Chapter: Manatee Technical Institute HOSA (FL) with 290 members

Nancy Allen (center) received the Honorary Lifetime Membership from National President-Elect Adam Prim (left) and Region II Vice-President Tamira Cole.

The Largest HOSA State Delegation to the 2003 NLC was Texas HOSA with 336 delegates

Honorary Lifetime Membership Awards, HOSA's highest honor, were presented to:

  • Nancy Allen, South Carolina HOSA State Advisor and Former Chairman of HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors
  • Danita Sheppard, Chairman, HOSA National Competitive Events Program

HOE Division of the Association of Career and Technical Education presented three HOSA Scholarships:

  • Tajeerah Sade Washington – Franklin, VA
  • Aditi Chokshi – LV Hightower, TX (Catherine B. Junge Scholarship)
  • Linda Paniagua, James Pace High School, TX (Catherine B. Junge Scholarship)

The Delmar Learning Scholarship was presented to Sarah Cato (SC-HOSA) by Delmar with National President Joe Arvizo (left) and Region II Vice-President Tamira Cole (right).

Delmar Learning Scholarships were presented to:

  • Joseph Cate, New Hampshire HOSA
  • Sarah Cato, South Carolina HOSA

Who’s Who Among American High School Students Scholarships were presented to:

  • Russell Marriott, Texas HOSA
  • Immaculata Bramlage, Tennessee HOSA

Nursing Spectrum presented a HOSA Scholarship to:

  • The Outstanding HOSA Alumni Award was presented by Judi Hansen, Kaiser Permanente, (left) to Michael Dale Gooch (TN-HOSA) (Center) with the assistance of Region II Vice-President Tamira Cole

    Giancarlo Edrosolo, Texas
HOSA Kaiser Permanente presented the Outstanding HOSA Alumni Award and Scholarship to:
  • Michael Dale Gooch, Tennessee HOSA

Kaiser Permanente presented Healthcare Issues Exam Scholarships to:


  • 1st Place: Linda Salter, California HOSA
  • 2nd Place: Sharon Taylor, Mississippi HOSA
  • 3rd Place: Colleen Bunner, Wisconsin HOSA


  • 1st Place: Jessica Dover, North Carolina HOSA
  • 2nd Place: Duc Bui, Texas HOSA
  • 3rd Place: Kim Houck, California HOSA

Kaiser Permanente sponsored the Healthcare Issues Exam and recognized those HOSA members with 90% Mastery Achievement:

Postsecondary/Collegiate Division Award Recipients were:

  • Michelle Marshall, California HOSA
  • Tammie Childress, Kentucky HOSA
  • Amy Redd, Mississippi HOSA
  • Tammy Rolison, Mississippi HOSA
  • Kay Speer, Oklahoma HOSA
  • Deborah Creshaw, Wisconsin HOSA
  • Lynda McHugh, Wisconsin HOSA

Secondary Division Award Recipients were:

  • Marjorie Pierre, Florida HOSA
  • Rebecca Hamilton, North Carolina HOSA
  • Katie Baker, North Carolina HOSA
  • Dondy Robbins, Oklahoma HOSA
  • Maria Martorell, Texas HOSA
  • Julie Shen, Texas HOSA
  • William-Bernard Reid-Varley, Texas HOSA
  • Sarah Morris, Texas HOSA
  • Megan Cox, Utah HOSA
  • Erin Kolch, Utah HOSA
  • Jessica Knight, Utah HOSA

The Opening Session was concluded by National President Joel Arvizo who challenged the delegates to take full advantage of the many opportunities available at the 26th Annual National Leadership Conference.


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