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National Leadership Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
June 18-21, 2003

Secretary DeRocco

Wednesday, June 19, 2003

Daily Update

HOSA Welcomes:

Assistant Secretary of Labor
U.S. Department of Labor
Department of Employment & Training

President Joel Arvizo and Secretary DeRocco

HOSA members were pleased to welcome Secretary DeRocco to HOSA! Secretary DeRocco met with HOSA leaders and members of the healthcare community in Atlanta. She listened to presentations on HOSA’s workforce partnerships and the efforts being made in high schools, technical schools and colleges to promote career opportunities in health care.

Secretary DeRocco traveled to Atlanta Technical College where three of HOSA’s 14 health career skill events were taking place. She watched students demonstrate technical skills learned in the classroom and perfected through HOSA, and talked with them about their career plans and learning achievements. HOSA members in Dental Assisting, Medical Laboratory Assisting and Physical Therapy were able to share the impact that HOSA is having on their future health careers.

At the “Meet the Candidates” breakfast, voting delegates had an opportunity to hear from National Officer Candidates.

Secretary DeRocco also had an opportunity to speak to the voting delegates at the HOSA Business Session. She praised HOSA members who work hard to achieve their goals, and shared the pride she felt in watching HOSA members demonstrate their skills. HOSA President Joel Arvizo presented Secretary DeRocco with a plaque in appreciation for her interest in tomorrow’s healthcare professionals.


The HOSA Exposition gives HOSA members a chance to meet leaders in the healthcare community and talk about college, careers and more. HOSA Exposition participants included:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Applied Technologies
  • Baptist College of Health Sciences
  • Campbell University School of Pharmacy
  • HOSA offers Leadership Academy experiences for State Officers, Chapter members, and Advisors.
    Georgetown School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • Georgia State University College of Health and Human Sciences
  • Life University
  • Marsh Affinity Group Services
  • Methodist LeBonheur Health Care
  • National Technical Honor Society
  • Nursing Spectrum
  • Pocket Nurse

HOSA Exposition

Education, Competition, Leadership and more!

HOSA competitive events are curricular and provide an opportunity for future healthcare professionals to develop and showcase their skills. An estimated 27,000 HOSA members participated in state and regional competitive events in 2002-03. Over 3000 state recipients competed in 49 different events at this year’s HOSA National Leadership Conference.

Career Health Display Medical Assisting Clinical EMT



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