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National Leadership Conference
Anaheim, CA
June 21-24, 2006

2006 Daily Updates - Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Over 5,500 HOSA delegates converged on the city of Anaheim, California to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of HOSA and begin the 29th annual National Leadership Conference.  Anaheim offers a magical place to celebrate the growth and greatness of HOSA over the past thirty years.

Although some state advisors distributed conference materials last night, the majority of local advisors received their registration information this morning. What an exciting time! It is always so much fun to see your name on an official HOSA badge, as well as see the fantastic conference program books. The faces of past national presidents highlighted this year’s program cover.

Planning, planning, and more planning continued with competitive events. State advisors returned those final lists with competitors’ names and events. Now…..let the competition begin!

The nominating committee began national officer interviews at 8 a.m. The candidates running for the 2006-07 National Executive Council are:

Secondary Division

James Cartwright (TN)
Heather Coggins (SC)
Kristi Dennis (OK)
Jenn Gilman (WV)
Kristi Klinger (PA)
Ashley Mazur (AZ)
Lindsey Mertens (CO)
Lorin Moton (TX)
Erin Parisien (NE)
Abbi Perkins (ID)
Brooke Phibbs (SC)
Kelly Stafford (MS)
Landon James (UT)
Pranamya Suri (TX)
Josh Thompson (NC)
Lisa Whitworth (IN)

Postsecondary/Collegiate Division
Ashley Nicole Moree (FL)
Carlos Salazar (CA)

The “coffee talk” for new local advisors was a big success. It was a great way to answer questions from the advisors and to alleviate some of the newcomers’ concerns. An afternoon session for the more experienced local and state advisors was also held. Conference information was discussed and questions were answered.

HOSA is most appreciative to over 30 exhibitors who are present at the NLC. The exhibitors include American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists, Pocket Nurse, Thomson Delmar Learning, Pearson Prentice Hall, U.S. Army ROTC, Applied Technologies and many more. With the help of many of these exhibitors, HOSA delegates are able to obtain more information about their future health care careers.

The first official on site competition at the 2006 NLC began with competitors taking the Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Issues Exam. Kaiser Permanente awards a scholarship to the first place secondary and postsecondary winners. These winners will be recognized at the Recognition Session on Friday night. The exam is a great way for students to keep abreast of current events in the health care industry. HOSA is most appreciative to Kaiser Permanente for providing students with this opportunity.

Anxious students and nervous advisors were seen throughout the afternoon as students began round one of various competitive events. Several orientations and testing sessions were held prior to the opening session.

An elite group of delegates who are lifesavers during the conference are the Courtesy Corps members. These representatives spent part of the afternoon in opening session practice and then received their assignments for the remainder of the conference.  Thanks to these members for providing comfort and relief to everyone during the week.

Whether it’s your first or your 29th NLC, there is always the excitement and the anticipation of the Opening General Session. This year was no exception! The crowd flocked to the Anaheim Convention Center to experience the magic of HOSA. The fever spread rapidly through the crowd as the HOSA delegates from across the nation cheered and enthusiastically welcomed the opening of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of HOSA.  The delegation was greeted with pyrotechnics, a laser show, and the new HOSA video.

The 2005-06 National Executive Council was introduced and Reginald Coleman, National HOSA President, declared the 2006 National Leadership Conference in session. Each state was represented through the parade of flags followed by a moving vocal presentation of God Bless America by Laurie Meyer.

What better way to have a celebration of thirty years than having the first national president, Lynne McGee of North Carolina present at the opening session? Lynne is currently serving as a local advisor. That just goes to show, once you get the HOSA fever, it’s always with you!

California HOSA President, Maribel Hermosillo graciously welcomed the 5, 500 delegates to Anaheim. She also read a letter from Governor Schwarzenegger wishing HOSA the best and an enjoyable conference in California.

HOSA was very fortunate and honored to have Admiral Kenneth Moritsugu, Deputy Surgeon General of the United States as the guest speaker. Admiral Moritsugu is one of the nation’s leading public health officials, and a person who has devoted his life to helping others. Admiral Moritsugu has been an advocate for organ and tissue donation and transplantation, and he has received the Surgeon General’s Medal for Exemplary Service.

Admiral Moritsugu praised the HOSA delegation for their commitment to health care. Admiral Moritsugu also emphasized that we are living longer and the quality of that longer life is dependent on the choices we make. The goals of the present health care administration are (1) prevention (2) public health preparedness (3) elimination of health disparities (4) improvement of health literacy. He elaborated on each of these goals as they relate to the future health care providers. Admiral Moritsugu related the health care professions to the ten times. A person may be a health care provider from 30,000 feet, 3,000 feet, 300 feet, or 3 feet. And most importantly, we can help people help themselves at any of these distances.  The health profession is a helping and a healing profession. As Admiral Moritsugu so wisely stated, “Health care is a mission. It is a passion to help others.”   

HOSA is extremely honored and most appreciative to Admiral Moritsugu for attending the 29th National Leadership Conference. Admiral Moritsugu is a shining example of what good can be accomplished in life. We thank him for his support of HOSA and his years of service to the people of our nation.

HOSA’s highest honor, an Honorary Life Membership was presented to an outstanding leader in HOSA:
Teresa Williamson, Immediate Past Chair, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors

HOSA state associations and national HOSA awarded over $250,000 in scholarships for the 2005-06 membership year! National HOSA Scholarship recipients that were in attendance at this year’s NLC were awarded their scholarships on stage with the sponsors from the contributing organizations.

The following scholarship recipients were in attendance at the 2006 NLC:

Sponsoring Organization

Organization Representative

Scholarship Recipient

National HOSA Scholarship

Sandra Parker

Vanessa Maycumber (MN)



Asha Talati (IL)



Leeanne Fehrer (TX)

ACTE – HSTE Division

Mary Kleber

Jessica Carrothers (UT)




Nursing Spectrum

Lori Gooldbaum

Elizabeth Reyes (TX)

Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins

Leisa DeBlieux

Danielle Harik (MI)

HCA- Honor of Phillip R. Patton, Sr.

Thao Nelson

Rebecca Gragg (OK)



Tina Adams (TX)



Laura Berger (MI)



Shauna McWilliams (CO)



Jessica Corrothers (UT)



Daniel Duane Lambrecht (CO)

The following organizations were recognized for providing scholarships: National Technical Honor Society, Applied Technologies and Learning Labs, and Thomson Delmar. The recipients of these scholarships were unable to attend the NLC for the presentations.

For a complete listing of 2006 scholarship winners, please visit

HOSA has come a long way in thirty years. One of the milestones that was accomplished this year was the inclusion of HOSA in the Congressional Record. Thanks to Representative E. Clay Shaw, Jr. of Florida, HOSA and our 30th anniversary was recognized on the floor of Congress on May 23, 2006.

We are also grateful to the following governors for proclaiming June 21, 2006 as National HOSA Day:

State of Arizona - Governor Janet Napolitano
State of California - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State of Florida - Governor Jeb Bush
State of Georgia - Governor Sonny Perdue
State of Kansas - Governor Kathleen Sebelius
State of Michigan - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
State of North Carolina - Governor Michael Easley
State of Pennsylvania - Governor Edward Rendell
State of South Carolina - Governor Mark Sanford
State of Tennessee - Governor Phil Bredesen
State of Wisconsin - Governor Jim Doyle

The signs of HOSA’s growth were evidenced tonight by the representatives on stage for local chapters and state associations who have had membership increases. The following state associations were recognized for an increase in membership during the 2005-06 affiliation year:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
New Jersey
New York
South Carolina
West Virginia

The following state associations were recognized for their membership increase during the 2005-06 membership year:

Georgia - 21% increase
Maryland - 24% increase
West Virginia - 27% increase
Missouri - 37% increase
Connecticut - an impressive increase of 62%.

Congratulations to these state associations!

The largest state association was Texas with 13,145 members. The largest local chapter was recognized as Ledford High School in North Carolina with 230 members.  The largest post-secondary/collegiate chapter was Meridian Community College in Mississippi with 256 members.

The Regional HOSA Membership Challenge was awarded to Region 3 with West Virginia having the largest increase in that region. West Virginia HOSA was awarded the “prized cup” to take home.

A special tribute was paid to the HOSA Chapters in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama for their relentless courage, devotion, and persistence during the weeks after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. No doubt there were many HOSA members who gave their assistance during the aftermath of these disasters. We are very proud to have these states with us tonight.

The grand finale of the evening was a special appearance by the “Disneyland Trash Can Trio.” Their innovative trash can ensemble is a “must see” in California. HOSA members enjoyed the Trash Can Trio’s enthusiastic and entertaining presentation.

It has been an exciting National HOSA Day in Anaheim!  HOSA delegates have gained valuable information and will be provided with many opportunities over the next few days. The magic of HOSA is here today!



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