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National Leadership Conference
Anaheim, California
June 22-25, 2011
Daily Updates

2011 Daily Updates

Wednesday, June 22

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The 34th Annual National Leadership Conference (NLC) officially began this morning when HOSA delegates received their registration materials, name badges, conference pins and program books.
The Competitive Events staff remained busy preparing for the first day of competitions, while state advisors finalized their lists of competitors and events.

National HOSA officer interviews also began early this morning. The 2011-2012 candidates for the National Executive Council are:

Secondary Board Representative:
Patreece Reedy (NC)
Sheena Shamblin (OH)
Brittany Woods (CA)

Post Secondary Board Representative
Warche Downing (NC)
Aden Ramirez (AZ)
Region III Vice President
Shalyn Cantleberry (OH)
Nabil Islam (NJ)
Alanna Propst (NC)
Region II Vice President
Zachary Eich (MN)
Nathalie Figueroa (FL)
Emily Jackson (IN)
Region I Vice President
Anjenette Abbott (UT)
Ashley Avila (CO)
Tayla Brown)

Post Secondary Vice President
Ahmer Afroz (UT)
Selah Bratt (AZ)
Sara Sapp (FL)

President Elect
Alex Amato (IA)
David Kelly (OK)

New local advisors began their day with Coffee Talk, an informal discussion session that allowed new advisors to ask questions about HOSA. An afternoon orientation session for seasoned local and state advisors was also held.

HOSA welcomed 43 exhibitors to this year's NLC. Exhibitors include Delmar Cengage Learning , DEPCO, LLC, Medical Reserve Corp, Nasco, Health Professions Network, Everest Universities, Colleges and Institutes, U.S. Army and many more. Exhibitors are on hand to share current and future expectations of the healthcare industry with HOSA delegates.

The first official competition of the 2011 NLC began with the Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Issues Exam. Kaiser Permanente awards scholarships to the first place secondary and postsecondary winners. The exam is a great way for students to keep abreast of current events in the healthcare industry. HOSA is most appreciative to Kaiser Permanente for providing students with this opportunity.

Nervous students and advisors were seen throughout the afternoon as competitors began round one of various competitive events, including Parliamentary Procedure, Forensic Medicine, Creative Problem Solving, Medical Reading, HOSA Bowl, CPR/First Aid, EMT, Nursing Assisting and Veterinary Assisting.

The Voting Delegates and Courtesy Corps are two special groups of delegates with very important roles during the conference. Voting Delegates learned about their role during orientation. Courtesy Corps members practiced for the opening session and received conference assignments. HOSA is very thankful to both of these groups for all they do to ensure the success of this year's NLC.

HOSA was excited to have Mike Kraft of Bumble Foods hosting the 5th HOSA Ideas. HOSA Ideas Meetings provide continuous advocacy for the expansion of the HOSA pipeline via corporations, foundations, associations and government.

Opening General Session Highlights

The Anaheim Convention Center Arena was filled with energy and excitement as delegates from across the nation gathered for the opening session of the 34th Annual National HOSA Leader Conference.

After a high-energy pyro show and National Executive Council introductions the session was off to a great start.

States in attendance were showcased through a parade of state flags and HOSA delegates paid tribute to our country through the singing of the National Anthem, performed by Dwayne Manzanillo of Hawaii HOSA. Conference delegates were then welcomed to Anaheim by California HOSA President, Brittany Woods.

The following special guests from were recognized:

Representatives from the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps and the United
States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
Representatives from the U.S. Army
Representatives from the National Association of County and City Health Professions
Representatives from Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
Dr. Margaret Calloway, Uniformed Services University of the Health Professions
Gilbert Chun, Hawaii Department of Education
Mike Kraft, Bumble Bee Foods
Nancy Volpe and Rebecca Martinez, CVS Caremark Corporation
Dr. Amy Jacobson and Brock Rops, AHEC at the University of South Dakota
Peggy Enslen, State of Delaware
Katie Thompson and Kristina Want, Eastern North Dakota AHEC
Leigh Reynolds, KidneyWise
Melissa Dunkel, National FFA Organization
Mona Ritchie, University of Pheonix

HOSA is encouraging our members to participate in the Take the Million Fitness, Sports and Nutrition Challenge which encourages one million Americans to earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award through daily physical activity.

Scholarship Recognition

National HOSA awarded 53 members with scholarships totaling $58,500. In addition to the national scholarships, HOSA state associations awarded $373,297 in scholarships this year. Congratulations to all scholarship recipients present at the 2011 HOSA National Leadership Conference:

National HOSA presented by Tonia Moore-Davis, HOSA, Inc. Board Chair
Brittany Ebbing (AZ)
Michelle Kautz (FL)
Rebecca Lee (TX)
Seyedeh Maram Zekavat (CT)
Sean Sheffer (NV)
Stephen Twilleager (TX)

Phillip R. Patton/HCA presented by Ria Berger and Famy Bialon, Riverside Community Hospital and HCA
Meagan Oritiz (TX)
Stephanie Krichhoff (IA)
Miranda Rechis (UT)
Quy Alan DUY Dao (CA)

National Consortium on Health Science Education presented by Nancy Allen
Aakash Patel (GA)

National Technical Honor Society presented by Patricia Poteat
Hugo Quezada (TX)
Ashley Avila (CO)

NASCO presented by George Sifakis, St. George Greek Orthodox Monastery
Jordan Woolley (OH)

Health Professions Network presented by Lynn Brooks
Samantha Genzer (TX)

Delmar Cengage Learning presented by Matt Seeley
Olivia Borge (HI)

Association of Career and Technical Education presented by Grace Decken
Sean Sheffer (NV)
Kerry Boyt (SC)

HOSA would also like to thank DEPCO, LLC, St. George Greek Orthodox Monastery and the U.S. Public Health Service for their scholarship contributions. HOSA is extremely grateful for all of the scholarship sponsors at this year's NLC. For a complete list of the 2011 scholarship recipients please visit

Special Recognition

HOSA is extremely honored to have the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin in attendance at this year's Opening General Session. HOSA presented Dr. Regina Benjamin with the Healthcare Role Model of the Year Award.

Dr. Regina Benjamin and Captain Robert Tosatto, Director of the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps, thanked HOSA members Claire Lucas, Nicole Scott, Nzuekoh Nchinda and Shelia Carlton for participating in the pilot internship at the Office of the U.S. General. Dr. Benjamin and Captain Tosatto also congratulated the 2011 interns who will join them in Washington in July and August. The 2011 Office of the U.S. Surgeon General interns are Angel Clark, Aakash Patel, Brittany Ebbings, Brittany Woods and Oregon McDiarmid.

HOSA acknowledged several HOSA members who became instant heroes in emergency situations because of their training from HOSA. The most notable of these heroes was Daniel Hernandez, HOSA

Hero Award and Alumni of the Year award winner. Daniel's heroic actions helped save Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' life after she was shot. HOSA also recognized Daniel's advisor, Catherine Monroe, for her commitment to preparing future health professionals.

HOSA recognized Allyn Rogers as the recipient of the National Above and Beyond award and Carolyn Lee and Rosemarie Dunkleberger as the recipients of the National Outstanding Service Award. Honorary Life Membership, HOSA's highest honor, was presented to Jeanette Mintz and Sheila Carlton.

Membership Recognition
The following state associations were recognized for increased membership in the 2010-11 affiliation year:

District of Columbia
New York
Puerto Rico
New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Carolina

HOSA continues to reach record-breaking membership numbers year after year. This year HOSA's national membership is 131,797. Texas was recognized as having the largest state association with 20,261 members and for bringing the largest delegation to the NLC with 588 delegates.

Passaic County Technical in New Jersey was recognized as the largest secondary chapter with 290 members and Manatee Technical Institute in Mississippi was recognized as the largest secondary chapter with 290 members.

With over two million HOSA alumni, the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors recently approved incentives for members and advisors to encourage alumni recruitment. One incentive was a free registration scholarship to the Washington Leadership Academy in September 2011. The following state officers were recognized for recruiting more than 100 HOSA alumni:

Alicia Johnson (TN)
Michaela Dramis (OH)
Taylor Readnower (KY)
Jan ZHU (TX)

Jan Zhu of Texas and Rhonda Sykes of Arizona were awarded registration waivers to this National Leadership Conference as the state officer and advisor who recruited the most alumni members.
This year marked the 6th year of the HOSA Cup competition among the regions for membership growth. Region I was recognized as the regional winner again with Alaska HOSA receiving the HOSA cup for being the state with the highest percentage increase in membership.

In addition to membership growth this year, HOSA is excited to expand opportunities to Massachusetts health science students. HOSA presented Sharon Grundel, State Advisor, the official state charter for MassAHEC.

The Opening Session ended with an inspiring and delightful message from Josh Shipp who motivated HOSA members to share their talents and be "more than average" HOSA NLC 2011.
Wednesday's opening session was a great beginning for the 34th Annual National HOSA Leadership Conference in Anaheim! HOSA delegates have much to look forward to over the next three days.

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