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National Leadership Conference
Nashville, Tennessee
June 22-25, 2005

2005 Daily Updates - Wednesday, June 22, 2005

2005 boasts HOSA’s largest NLC yet! The Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennesee offers a wonderful atmosphere for this year’s NLC.

Tennessee HOSA welcomes the NLC to

Wednesday morning began with excitement and bustle. Local advisors registered with their states to get conference materials and ensure that their competitors are registered for the correct events and sessions.

Beginning at 8 am, HOSA’s nominating committee held national officer interviews for the eight officer candidates applying for a position on the 2005-06 National Executive Council. The officer candidates running for office this year are:  

Secondary Division

Jessica Dean (VA)
Brittney Earle (SC)
Meghan Homa (MN)
Sierra Jenkins (TN)
Marco Mijic (UT)
Eric Myers (KS)

Postsecondary/Collegiate Division

Lois Peevyhouse (OK)
Colleen Powell (AL)

Conference registration for local advisors, which took place from 8 am – 1:30 pm, was busy and exciting as advisors received conference materials from their state advisors.

HOSA is excited to welcome 50 exhibitors to the 2005 National Leadership Conference. Exhibitors include the Alzheimer’s Association, American Association for Respiratory Care, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Health Professions Network, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Pocket Nurse, Society of Nuclear Medicine, Thomson Delmar Learning, U.S. Army ROTC and many more! HOSA’s exhibitors promote careers in the health professions and help HOSA members gather more information about their future in health care.

On Wednesday afternoon, a local and state advisor orientation was held for new HOSA advisors, which serves as an introduction to the National Leadership Conference and allows advisors to ask questions about Competitive Events and conference procedures.

The Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Issues Exam was held between 2 – 3:30 pm, and the secondary and postsecondary/collegiate first place will be announced at the Recognition Session on Friday evening. Kaiser Permanente has generously offers a scholarship for the first place winners of the Healthcare Issues Exam, which is a wonderful opportunity for HOSA members.

Orientation and Round One tests took place throughout the day for HOSA Bowl, Creative Problem Solving, Parliamentary Procedure and Medical Reading.

HOSA is very thankful to the delegates who volunteered their time to serve as Courtesy Corps members. These representatives spent part of their afternoon in Opening Session Practice and were assigned duties for later in the evening.

The Opening General Session is very exciting for HOSA delegates whether it is the first time they have attended the National Leadership Conference and even if they have been before, each delegate looks forward to the energy and excitement that the Opening Session promotes. This session is a great way to kick off the NLC and spread the HOSA spirit.

The Opening General Session began enthusiastically as the HOSA delegates were welcomed to the session with pyrotechnics and a laser show. HOSA members cheered throughout the 5,500-seat ballroom and expressed the pride they feel for their state and their own accomplishments throughout the past year. It’s truly a sight to be seen and the thrill of the National Leadership Conference spread quickly.

Chelsea Price (WV) sang the National Anthem beautifully and represented her chapter, Boone Career and Technical Center with pride.

The 2004-05 National Executive Council was introduced and Lauren Sheldon, National HOSA President, declared the 2005 National Leadership Conference in session.

Commissioner James Neeley from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development welcomed HOSA delegates to Nashville. Following Commissioner Neeley, Cory Rogers, Tennessee State HOSA President, also offered a generous welcome to Nashville and truly displayed Tennessee’s outstanding hospitality.

HOSA’s Special Guest

Rear Admiral Cristina V. Beato, M.D., FAAFP
Acting Assistant Secretary for Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

HOSA was honored to have a very special guest at this year’s National Leadership Conference, Rear Admiral Cristina Beato, M.D., FAAFP, Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Her capacity as the acting assistant secretary for health, Dr. Beato serves as the principal advisor on health policy and medical and scientific matters to the secretary of HHS, oversees the Office of Public Health and Science and supervises related programs and activities within the Department. In addition, she is rear admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Board certified in family medicine, Dr. Beato has dedicated her professional life to improving health and well being of individuals, families and communities. She emigrated from Cuba in her childhood and went on to receive her undergraduate and medical school education at the University of New Mexico. During her medical residency, Dr. Beato instituted the first formal medical community outreach program for abused, neglected, and abandoned children at the All Faiths Receiving Home in Albuquerque.

Dr. Beato spoke passionately about healthcare in America and emphasized that HOSA members should take advantage of every opportunity they have and should continue to follow their dreams. She stressed that healthcare in the United States is not categorized by individual doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. but a team that works together to accomplish the goal of helping others. Dr. Beato made an amazing impact on HOSA members by attending the NLC and making time to understand how important HOSA is to the future of healthcare.

HOSA is truly honored and extremely grateful to Dr. Beato for attending the 28th Annual NLC. We are hopeful that Dr. Beato became more familiar with HOSA and was given the opportunity to see the future of the healthcare pipeline in HOSA members.

After Dr. Beato accepted her plaque, the following VIPs from across the nation were recognized at the opening session:

Joyce Boudreau, Ohio Department of Education
Iris Wilson, Department of Education, District of Columbia
Jacalyn Eberhart, State of Missouri

The following former National Officers were recognized for their attendance at this year’s NLC:

Jason Huff
Richard Ernst
Lynne McGee Ingle
Pam Ashley

Honorary Life Membership, HOSA’s highest honor, was presented to two outstanding individuals:

Regina St. George, Immediate Past Chair, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors
Gerry Emmons, Tennessee HOSA  

Fifteen HOSA chapters were recognized for going above and beyond by participating as partners with The National Research Center for Career and Technical Education. They assisted in a study to provide information and research purposes to recognize the value-add of Career and Technical Student Organizations to classroom learning.

The following chapter advisors were recognized for assisting in completing this survey:  

Debra Moss, Central Cabarrus High School (NC)
Billy Sapp, Forbush High School (NC)
Linda West, Plymouth High School (NC)
Jeanette Mintz, West Brunswick High School (NC)
Judy Roper, Westover High School (NC)
Danna Oakley, WSFCS Career Center (NC)
renda Chapman, Francis Tuttle Tech Center (OK)

HOSA welcomes the following three states to HOSA:


Representative: Rosies Kuizinas, RN, Program Coordinator HRSA Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant and Jane Shovlin, Arizona State Advisor)


Representative: Melba Lee, State Advisor


Representative: Jean Matsuda, Waipahu High School

HOSA reactivated the state associations for the following states:

New Mexico

The following state associations were recognized for increased membership in the 2004-05 affiliation year:

Iowa    Idaho
Kansas Oregon
New York New Hampshire
Indiana West Virginia
Illinois California
Utah Michigan
South Carolina Georgia
Kentucky Pennsylvania
Alabama New Jersey
Oklahoma Florida
Tennessee Texas

 The following associations were recognized for their membership increase in the 2004-05 membership year:

Michigan HOSA Achieved an outstanding 20.9% membership gain.

West Virginia HOSA had a 21.5% membership gain.

Illinois HOSA obtained a 22.1% increase.    

New York HOSA increased membership 22.7%

HOSA’s third largest increase was achieved by Iowa HOSA, with a 27.5% membership gain.

The state with the second largest percentage of membership increase with 32.5% was South Carolina HOSA

HOSA’s largest percentage increase award was for an impressive 36.9% for Kansas HOSA.

Texas HOSA was honored to accept the award for largest state association with a record-breaking 13,419 members!!

In the beginning of the 2004-05 membership year, South Carolina and Michigan established a friendly competition geared toward increasing both states’ membership. Overall, South Carolina won with an impressive 555 members!! Michigan, state advisor, Mark Burley reluctantly presented South Carolina’s State Advisor, Nancy Allen, with a trophy that Michigan is hoping to get back next year! It is apparent that the friendly competition between the two states was very effective. Congratulations South Carolina, and we look forward to next year’s results!

HOSA recognized the three largest chapters during the opening session as well. The chapters are:

Largest Secondary Chapter with 216 members: Providence High School, North Carolina  

Largest PS/C Chapter with 233 members: Meridian Community College, Mississippi  

HOSA state associations and national HOSA awarded over $181,000 in scholarships for the 2004-05 membership year! National HOSA Scholarship recipients that were in attendance at this year’s NLC were awarded their scholarship on stage with the sponsor from the contributing organization.

The following scholarship recipients were in attendance at the 2005 NLC:

Sponsoring Organization

Organization Representative

Scholarship Recipient

National HOSA Scholarship


Russell Marriott (TX)



Steven San Filippo (NJ)


Mary Kleber

Tyler Webster (NC)




Thomson Delmar Learning

Kimberly Lourinia

Roxana Naderi (TN)




National Honor Roll


Mallory Durst (TX)




National Technical Honor Society

Kate Allen

Donna Wilson (OK)



Tyler Webster (NC)




Nusing Spectrum

Lorraine Steefel

Rebekah Schmerber (IL)



Heather Dubiak (WI)




Applied Technologies

Jerry Foxworthy

Jayme Kwak (IL)




Who’s Who

Jeffrey Fix

Vittal Kadapakkam (TX) – PS/C Division



Ishrat Ahmed (WI) – Secondary Division




Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Allison Swayne/Lisa DeBlieux

Richard Johnson (VA)





Nancy Allen

Molly Dillon (IL)



Callie Ottmers (TX)




Sisters 3 Publishing

Trish Billings

Jeremy Beane (NC)

For a complete list of the 2005 scholarship winners that includes those not in attendance at this year’s NLC, please visit

Dan Clark

To conclude the evening, HOSA welcomed keynote speaker Dan Clark, CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation and the primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Dan is an internationally recognized speaker, entertainer, songwriter, recording artist and nationally best-selling author. Dan began writing and speaking professionally after recovering from a serious injury that cut short his football career. Dan, an inspirational speaker, encouraged HOSA members to be themselves, be the best they can be, take advantage of the opportunities that HOSA offers and to make their dreams today into the realities of tomorrow. HOSA thanks Dan Clark for inspiring our members and sharing his life stories.

Wednesday’s opening session motivated HOSA members to accomplish their goals and take advantage of all the NLC offers. It was a great way to begin HOSA’s 28 th annual National Leadership Conference and spread the HOSA spirit!

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