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National Leadership Conference
Nashville, TN
June 24-27, 2009

2009 Daily Updates

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today over 6,300 HOSA delegates, guests and judges convened in Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate the 32nd annual National Leadership Conference. Nashville offers an exciting place to celebrate the growth and greatness of HOSA over the past 32 years.

The conference officially began this morning as local advisors and students received their registration materials, official HOSA name badges, conference pins, and program books.
The Competitive Events staff remained busy preparing for the first day of competitions, while state advisors finalized their lists of competitors and events.

National HOSA officer interviews began early this morning.  The 2009-2010 candidates for the National Executive Council are:

Secondary Board Representative
Jenna Maligro (HI)
Ashley Burger (MI)
Linwood Donnelson (NJ)
Daniel Abbot (UT)

Region I Vice President
Aliena Johnston
Vanessa Baldos
John Tham
Kathryn Newhart

Region II Vice President
Travis Carlile (IN)
Johnathan Linn (KY)
Allison Morrow (AL)

Region III Vice President
Tyrell Singletary (SC)
Katherine Marmol (NJ)
Adam King (NC)

Post Secondary Vice President
Zachary Sanders (AZ)
Frank Berdos (FL)
Brook Phibbs (SC)

Post Secondary Board Representative
Alissa Conde (FL)
Chirstopher Carr (NC)

President Elect
Claire Lucas (NC)
Arielle Beasley (TN)

New advisors began their day with Coffee Talk, an informal discussion session that allowed newcomers to ask questions about the HOSA NLC. An afternoon session for seasoned local and state advisors was also held.

HOSA welcomed over 50 exhibitors to this year’s NLC. Exhibitors include Applied Technologies, Health Professions Network, Autism Speaks, Pocket Nurse, U.S. Army ROTC and many more. This year’s exhibitors were on hand to share current and future expectations of the healthcare industry with HOSA delegates.

The first official competition of the 2009 NLC began with competitors taking the Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Issues Exam. Kaiser Permanente awards scholarships to the first place secondary and postsecondary winners. The exam is a great way for students to keep abreast of current events in the healthcare industry. HOSA is most appreciative to Kaiser Permanente for providing students with this opportunity. 

Nervous students and advisors were seen throughout the afternoon as competitors began round one of various competitive events, including HOSA Bowl, Medical Reading, Creative Problem Solving, Forensic Medicine and Parliamentary Procedure.

The Voting Delegates and Courtesy Corps are two special groups of delegates with very important roles during the conference. Voting Delegates spent part of the afternoon learning about their role in electing the new national officers.  Courtesy Corps members practiced for the opening session and received assignments for the remainder of the conference. HOSA is very thankful to both of these groups for all they do to ensure the success of this year’s NLC.

The Congressional Delegation of HOSA is a bipartisan body of members of Congress who embrace HOSA’s mission and service to the community.  Members of Congress joining the HOSA Congressional Delegation are making an investment in the future of healthcare.

HOSA is honored to have the following Congressional Offices represented at this year's Congressional Briefing:

Senator Lamar Alexander
Senator Bob Corker
Representative Bart Gordon
Representative Marsha Blackburn
Representative Lincoln Davis
Representative John Tanner

Opening General Session Highlights

Whether it’s your first or your 32nd NLC, there is always great anticipation for the Opening General Session. This year was no exception! The Opryland Delta Ballroom was filled with energy as delegates from across the nation demonstrated their HOSA spirit with crowd cheers and chants.

HOSA was graciously welcomed to the home of country music by Nashville’s very own Catherine Rainey and the Dancehall Doctors.  Catherine Rainey was the opening act for Tim McGraw’s 2008 Live Your Voice tour and the Dancehall Doctors tour and record for country music legend Tim McGraw.

After the upbeat country act, Luis Baez, National HOSA President, declared the 2009 National Leadership Conference in session. States in attendance were showcased through a parade of state flags and HOSA delegates paid tribute to our country through the singing of the National Anthem, performed by Megan Gadapee and Dylan Palmer from Littleton High School in New Hampshire. HOSA delegates were then welcomed to Nashville by Tennessee HOSA President, Caroline Lonas.

The following special guests from around the nation were recognized at tonight’s Opening Session:

Rear Admiral Robert Williams, Acting Surgeon General
Captain Robert Tosatto, Director, Medical Reserve Corps
Lt. Samuel Schaffzin, Program Officer for Outreach of the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps
Gail Newell, Medical Reserve Corps
Scott Hess, U.S. Department of Education
Major Gupton, U.S. Army
Colonel Della Stewart, U.S. Army
Alex Kushnir, HOSA’s Washington Office
David Greiff, President and on of three founders, Flu Busters
Shawna Weinheimer, Community Development, Family and Youth Manager, Autism Speaks
Lieutenant Commander, Eddie Lopez, U.S. Administrative Fellow Office of the Corps Chiefs, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Lieutenant Commander Thomas Pryor, United States Public Health Service, Senior Recruitment Specialist and ARP Coordinator, Office of Commissioned Corps Operations, Division of Commissioned Corps Recruitment
LTJG Velisa Jackson-Stephens, U.S. Public Health Service
Dan Peterson, Vice President Industry & Government Affairs, Cook Group, Inc.
Dr. Leslie Wisner-Lynch, BioTN Foundation
Laurene McLemore, BioTN Foundation
Dr. Timothy Webb, Tennessee Department of Education, Commissioner of Education
Robert Green, Tennessee Department of Education, Deputy Commissioner of Education
Branson Townsend, Tennessee Department of Education, Executive Director, Office of Secondary Education, Division Accountability, Teaching & Learning
Joe Fisher, Tennessee Department of Education, Assistant Commissioner Special Education
Will Lewis, Tennessee Department of Education, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Improvement Career and Technical Education
Bruce Opie, Tennessee Department of Education, Assistant Commissioner of Legislation and Policy
Former National HOSA officers Tamira Cole, Whitney O’Neal, and Sierra Jenkins.

Scholarship Recognition

HOSA state associations and National HOSA awarded over 129 scholarships in the amount $408,000 in scholarships this year!  At this year’s NLC, several deserving students were presented scholarships totaling $54,750.

Congratulations to all scholarship recipients present at the 2009 HOSA National Leadership Conference:

National HOSA presented by Mark Burley
Elizabeth Ozery, New Jersey
Brent Eason, North Carolina
Angelique Ramirez, Texas
Sara Sapp, Florida
Stephanie Philip, Texas
Colby Young, Alabama
Brittany Ebbing, Arizona
Catherine Barrios, Florida

Health Professions Network presented by Jennifer Hofecker
SamanthaWideman, Tennessee

National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education presented by Nancy Allen
William Wilson, South Carolina

Applied Technologies presented by Davie Richardson
Sean Fahy, Florida

National Technical Honor Society presented by Patricia Poteat
Briana Burton, Texas
Lina Micheli, Florida

presented by Mark Burley
Jennifer Sunny, Texas

BioTN presented by Dr. Leslie Wisner-Lynch
Jamee Ramsey, Oklahoma

Association for Career and Technical Education presented by Lara Skaggs
Samantha Wideman, Tennessee
Tiffany Patterson, Alabama
Meghan LeFevor, Tennessee
Necol Ronda, Florida

Phillip R. Patton/HCA presented by John Steele and Ann Hatcher
Valerie Vanstone, Alabama
Michelle Ward, North Carolina
Tiffany Harris, Tennessee
Ashley Coleman, Florida
Casey Scott, South Carolina
Tiffany Patterson, Alabama
Mackenzie Williams, Kentucky
Jacob King, North Carolina
Neva Lemoine, Tennessee

HOSA would also like to thank St. George Greek Orthodox Monastery, Delmar Cengage Learning, and Nursing Spectrum for their scholarship contributions.

HOSA is extremely grateful for all of the scholarship sponsors at this year’s NLC.  For a complete list of the 2009 scholarship recipients please visit

Special Recognition

HOSA was also very pleased to recognize one of it’s greatest supporters, HCA.  Headquartered in Nashville, HCA is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare.  HOSA recognized HCA and the HCA Family tonight as the first Corporate Leader of the Year Award for their exemplary commitment to healthcare and for their continued support of HOSA.

HOSA was extremely honored to have the Acting Deputy Surgeon General Rear Admiral Robert C. Williams, P.E., DEE in attendance at this year's Opening General Session. Rear Admiral Williams has more than 28 years of experience in environmental engineering and public health and has served in the U.S. Army Medical Reserve Corps.  Rear Admiral Williams is a familiar face to HOSA as he addressed the students and advisors during the Washington Leadership Academy at the White House Briefing.  He is a strong voice for HOSA and takes our message to the halls of Washington as an advocate for the future of health care leaders.  HOSA is indebted to him for his support and friendship.

Also in attendance tonight was Scott Hess, Education Program Specialist with the U.S. Department of Education.  Scott Hess is the Director of the Discretionary Programs and Innovation Group in the Division of High School, Post Secondary and Career Education.  HOSA welcomed Mr. Hess to his second HOSA NLC experience and thanked him for his belief that HOSA does make a difference.

Honorary Life Membership, HOSA’s highest honor, was presented to one outstanding individual: Kristen Davidson, Immediate Past Chair, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors and Chair of the Future of HOSA Task Force.

Membership Recognition

The following state associations were recognized for increased membership in the 2009-2010 affiliation year:

District of Colombia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Carolina
Puerto Rico
South Carolina
West Virginia

HOSA continues to reach record-breaking membership numbers year after year.  This year HOSA’s national membership is 107, 086. In honor of this record, HOSA recognized Kourtney Mortensen for being HOSA’s 100,000 member. 

The following states were recognized for leading HOSA with the largest membership percentage gains.

Georgia HOSA - 27%
Hawaii HOSA - 27%
California HOSA - 32%
Ohio HOSA - 32%
Michigan HOSA - 33%
Oregon HOSA - 53%
Missouri HOSA - 56%
Arizona - 89%
Texas was recognized as having the largest state association with 17, 542 member and for bringing the largest delegation to the NLC with 541 delegates.

Meridian Community College from Mississippi was recognized as the largest postsecondary/collegiate chapter and Smithfield-Selma High School from North Carolina was recognized as the largest secondary chapter.

Wednesday’s opening session was a great beginning for 32nd Annual HOSA National Leadership Conference in Nashville!  HOSA delegates have much to look forward to over the next three days.

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